A Quick Note.

I’m finished with edits. Done with my blurb. Working on my cover. Taking my own photographs this time and working with my own personal cover artist. He created the cover for One Foot In Heaven, Journey of a Hospice Nurse. Love that cover, by the way.

One of my short stories – non-romance – has been accepted into an anthology. The anthology should be released this summer. Mum’s the word for the time being. This is as much information as I can divulge. I’m happy about it though.

The knee sorta sucks. Slow healing. Some backsliding involved. Forced to take it easy– again. Sigh… and double sigh.

Inactivity and I are a contradiction in terms.

Now, must put my birdies to bed and maybe I’ll do a little reading. Got some good books uploaded to my Kindle. Nonfic here I come!

Oh, here’s a freebie- The Soul Series Special Edition  - all three books, Incorporeal, In the Flesh and Stay plus bonus material. Yum!

SoulSeries_v2 (1)

As Tom says, Lurv yas!


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I read this story, From Mullet to Math Genius After a Concussion, (more later) and immediately flashed on a similar story my husband tells:

Back in the early 90′s I was on hospital call and a patient came to my service in transfer from the neurosurgical unit in Sacramento. He had been shoved out of a moving vehicle and suffered a skull fracture and a life threatening brain injury. He was in a coma for several days.

By the time he was turned over to me he was no longer comatose but still delirious. Over the next week his level of consciousness cleared.

Prior to his head injury, this gentleman was quite nasty. Talking to his family his personal history emerged loud and clear. To be blunt, he was a jerk- a neo-Nazi thug of a human being to be sure. I was anxious to get him off my service when something miraculous occurred. His sensorium cleared and lo and behold he was a nice guy.

WTF? This couldn’t possibly last. Well to my amazement, it did.

I cared for him over the next 17 years and still keep in touch and a sweeter man would be hard to fine. He took up flying model airplanes, was kind, polite and very sensitive to the concerns of others. I never saw a glimpse of the ogre that existed prior to his head injury. He has also been quite functional, holding down a fulltime job as a truck driver and maintaining close ties to his family. To this day he is one of the five most remarkable cases that has ever come my way.

I began my nursing career in the ICCU/CCU of a trauma center. I too have seen this in patients who’ve suffered severe head trauma– significant personality changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, and changes in abilities, interests, even favorite foods.

Go read this article. The man is amazing. And as amazing as his story is, as gifted as he is, he faces an entirely new set of challenges. From Mullet to Math Genius After a Concussion.

Take a gander at his art work as well– Jason Padgett.

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Have a wonderful Easter.

Can somebody please teach me how to make these???

Can somebody please teach me how to make these???

I’m busy editing, working on a Passover Seder, i.e., the Last Supper, yeah takes me three days… Well, didn’t it take Jesus three days?

My thoughts and prayers are with all my wonderful family and friends who face personal and professional challenges this season.

Oh, Tom– go get this book for the grandkids. This is one of my kids’ all time favorite books:  Rechenka’s Eggs, by Patricia Polacco.

One of our favorite stories!

One of our favorite stories!

Much love, Julia

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Julia gets personal.

April is a big month. It’s my favorite month, mostly because April, from my perspective, is spring. Birdsong, wildflowers, hunting morels, baby bunnies…

Hunting morels in Iowa.

Hunting morels in Iowa.

Back in Iowa April meant plowing and planting. When that rich black dirt in the Midwest, particularly in Iowa, is tilled up it smells good enough to eat. Seriously.

I miss it. I miss the fireflies, the raspberries, the elderberries, the Dutchman’s Breeches, the black walnuts, the black squirrels, the massive thunderstorms, the Carnegie Library, Christie Creme cheeseburgers and sherbet, the people, my Baubi’s Christmas tree green house with it’s red door and wrap around front porch. There’s not one thing I don’t miss about Iowa.

Dutchman's Breeches.

Dutchman’s Breeches.

Now I live in California because the hubster dragged me out here. Kicking and screaming, I might add, although we did move around quite a bit after we got married– which brings me to the point of this post. Let’s get personal!

(I hated California for nine solid years. Now I like it well enough. But it sure ain’t Iowa.)

So what else happens in April?

My birthday – April 13th.

Our anniversary – April 17th. (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

My favorite wedding photo - my son and me - us redheads.

My favorite wedding photo – my son and me – us curly redheads.

The most important folks.

The most important folks.

My closest cousin’s birthday (we were raised like sisters) – April 16th.

My gramma Jennie’s birthday – April 15th. Gramma Jennie was, sort of, our matchmaker.

Usually Passover and Easter. Love those Cadbury mini eggs and that matzoh ball soup!

Matzoh ball soup.

Matzoh ball soup.

Our wonderful friends Tom and Ishbel Stronach celebrate their anniversary on – April 17th. Same as us!

Tom and Ishbel - how can you not love this photo???

Tom and Ishbel – how can you not love this photo???

My beloved German shepherd Louie’s birthday – April 29th. He died a week before Jake was born. (Jake missed the cut-off. His birthday is May 29th.)

Louie. R.I.P.

Louie. R.I.P.

April is a terrific month. I like it better than December– although December contains Oscar’s birthday, my older daughter’s birthday, Christmas and Chanukah. It’s a little more hectic but still almost as fun as April.

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I wept…

…when I finished the first draft of my new work in progress. Today.

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.



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