Coming out of the closet… I write Jewish Romance and other stuff.

For many years I’ve avoided branding. Well, I’ve said I write intelligent romance, but I’ve never branded myself as a Paranormal Romance Author or a Contemporary Romance Author or an Author of Science Fiction Romance or a Romantic Suspense Author or a Young Adult Author or a New Adult Author. (Or even an Author of Superhero Romance although I have written/do write Superhero Romance.)

What I am is Jewish. What I write are Jewish-themed genre stories. Every single heroine, whether or not she says it, is Jewish. Every heroine lives her life with a Jewish sensibility and a Jewish world view. Most of my heroes too, are Jewish.

In creating characters and the worlds they inhabit, I draw upon my Jewish background. I was born into an Orthodox Jewish milieu to an agnostic mother and an atheist father. Yet I have a powerful belief in God and a strong grounding in Jewish history and ethical traditions. I lived in Israel. I speak fluent Hebrew. I minored in Religious Studies in college with a focus on Biblical Hebrew and Jewish Mysticism.

This stuff is mother’s milk to me. And so it is to my characters.

I decided it was time to own it.

I am a writer of Jewish genre literature.

Captured. Beauty and the Feast. Vixen. The Soul Series. Even my space opera- Daughters of Persephone (Greek/Jewish). Pick a story, any story. You’ll find Jewish themes.

Here are two links to two of my other blog sites. One blog I write for fun, and to keep alive the memory of a deceased friend, on the other I focus on my books and occasionally I post about the nature and craft of writing/creating.

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See you soon! Julia



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