Cougars – Reverse Arm Candy

The Cougar Anthology – Logical Lust

Cougars are all the rage – on the big screen, small screen, in the news, on the internet…and I guess all I can say is…it’s about time!  The older man/younger woman dynamic has existed forever…now it’s our turn.

Of course, historically speaking, in some cultures it was common for younger men to be paired with older, more experienced women so that they could not only learn the social norms of sexual behavior, but so a wiser, more mature woman could manage his household.  Unfortunately, our culture hasn’t placed much value on older women – as the saying goes – men grow distinguished, women just get old…one of the more disgusting sentiments I’ve ever heard – The words devalue women, dismiss our contributions to society and negate our sexuality or sexual identity.

My only personal experience as a Cougar occurred when I was nineteen years old and I dated a sixteen year old.  We became great friends, working together detassling corn and hoeing soybeans one summer.  He was a mature sixteen and I was between boyfriends, so…Not that we did anything other than laugh a lot.  We had fun and we’ve stayed friends.

So when I saw the call from Logical-Lust asking for Cougar Stories for an anthology, I decided – What the heck!  Go ahead and write one!  I submitted it, sent it off, and low and behold, was informed that my story was one of twenty-three stories accepted.  Yee-hah!

So click on my pages and read an excerpt from You Might Just Get It, from The Cougar Anthology, coming Valentine’s Day, 2010!

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  1. Anna Shah Hoque says:

    Hey Julia,
    Really looking forward to the anthology….by the way, I’ve tried signing up for your newsletter but it keeps showing up as an error 404. Would you kindly add me to your mailing list? Thanks very much.

    Happy Reading