Semi-coherent Ramblings.

Off to my Nazi esthetician

for an emergency pimple-ectomy and skin scraping.  Gawd, I love Tammy.  There is no one on earth who can take care of a painful pimple like my Nazi esthetician.  I had to run my daughter over there yesterday for the same thing, an emergency pimple-ectomy.  One of the drawbacks of Mediterranean/Sephardic skin – no wrinkles, but occasional breakouts.  Today will be fun because Tammy will torture me with the works!  An eyebrow wax, bikini wax…ow…micro-dermabrasion, extraction, and then she’ll soothe me with an ultra-sound deep moisturizing treatment.  Ah…so painfully good.

I woke up this morning with my German shepherd lying next to me, in my bed.  He’d burrowed under the covers and laid his head on my husband’s pillow.  He looked just like a little hairy man, or a big hairy man.  My husband gets mad because I’m not a cuddler except with the pets.  I’ll bury my nose in the dog’s hair and sleep with my arm around him all night.  He’s so big and so wolf-like in appearance that I feel as if I’m sleeping with a wild animal.  If I raised a lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, they’d be sleeping with me too.  Wouldn’t you just love to bury your face in a lion’s mane?  I sure would.

Speaking of cuddling – do you sleep all wrapped up with your sweetie or do you need space?  Aside from the pets – and I sleep in a pile with the hundred pound dog and three cats, I need space.  Can’t sleep if any part of my husband’s body touches mine.  Is that weird?  I can sleep with a cat on each shoulder, one on my feet, and the dog lying with his head on my stomach, but if my husband pokes a finger in my direction, I push it back to his side of the bed.  Does that make me a bad person?

Oh yeah, and Mia Watts said that if Julia Barrett was a man, she’d be my love slave for life!  Uh-huh.  Go, Mia.  Go, Mia.  Check out our love fest at

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4 Responses to Semi-coherent Ramblings.

  1. OMG! My dog wouldn’t be caught dead eating cat poop. He thinks any dog who does that is uncouth! He’s totally polite, and as a good German shepherd, he believes in rules. In his world, there are rules to live by and civilized dogs do not eat cat poop or roll in dead animals. They come when called, they sit, they go out to Peet’s for coffee and scones. They do not stick their noses in anyone’s crotch without an invitation.

  2. Fran Lee says:

    I love my dog (and the dogs I had in the past) but no way would one of them crawl into my bed. It was nasty enough cleaning the sheets of man hair. All it took was watching my wonderful, lurpy Rottie eating cat poop out of the litter box to turn me off of “doggie kisses”. No way is that tongue touching my face after munching down a pound of cat poo…LOL!

  3. Fran Lee says:

    Oddly enough, every single dog I have owned in my life loves to gnosh on cat poop. They don’t roll in dead animals, or dive into the neighbor’s pool or anything unmannerly. It seems to be a natural thing. The vet said he would be surprised that they didn’t love cat poop, because cat’s don’t fully digest their food and their feces are high in protein and mineral content. I tell you, I was grossed out to the max. I even tried training the Rotts (I had two) but when my back was turned, they gobbled. So I simply kept the litter boxes clean. Now the puppy (Peke/Pom mix from two purebred dogs) is chomping the cat terds. Yuck!

  4. Mia Watts says:

    Totally! But keep yer fingers on yer side o the bed. Toes too.