I didn’t do it!

How many computers have you broken?

I’m on my third in six months.  Every dollar I make selling books – pfffft – gone!  Staples loves to see me walk in those double doors!

Really, I didn’t do it.  My emergency netbook that I bought when my other computer crashed last fall actually, like, um, physically broke.  Whose computer breaks?  I mean structurally breaks?  Oh, mine.  It’s like blowing up cars.  I’ve blown up three, four, if you count the battery I blew up.  It’s not like I deliberately blow them up.  I start them, they blow up.  Think After the Night - “You’re breathing, apparently that’s enough.”

So I’m really proud of myself.  I researched new laptops, not cheap netbooks, and picked out one all on my own.  I called my techie guy who’s helped me out twice before and I managed to save all my files for him so he could upload everything onto my new baby girl and best of all, I’d saved my passwords and even managed to remember the one I forgot to save.

Maybe by tomorrow I’ll be able to focus on the WIP – because I have so many others rattling around in my big female brain – which is in my head as opposed to other body parts.

Stream of consciousness – Happy second night of Passover.  We’re having our seder on Wednesday because that’s when my husband will be off work.  This new Stargate show looks interesting.  Might give it a try.  Is True Blood ever coming back?  Too much time between seasons!  It’s like BSG – except I would have gone to the ends of the earth for BSG.  True Blood lost me a little this second season with overdoing the maenad crap and the de-fanging/emasculating of Vampire Bill.  Eric’s my guy in any case.  The first season was gold.  I’m hoping the third season can bring back the shiny stuff.

Speaking of shiny stuff, my two boys, Yoshi and Rico, got new collars.  Rico’s is gold, Yoshi’s is silver.  Bright, metallic with double bells – warning off the birds.

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7 Responses to I didn’t do it!

  1. Chris says:

    Oh dear re: the computers! Um, I’ve broken none. That said, I’m a huge, huge fan of Toshiba notebook computers. I have two (main and a spare, because without a computer, I’d be twitching) – when I got my newest one, I have an older one to my brother and SIL. According to Gizmodo, Toshiba and Asus have the highest reliability.

  2. Bought a Toshiba – decided upon that after the little bit of research I did and it wasn’t too pricey plus I get a rebate – gotta fill out those forms! Thanks for reminding me. I like the keyboard!

  3. Chris says:

    Woot! I like their keyboards, and I LOVE their trackpads. I wish I could get a Toshiba trackpad on my work computer, instead of the stupid mouse.

  4. Yes, the track pad is excellent, especially compared to the POS I was using! You have no idea! I even bought a mouse thinking this one might be similar to the other one – I’m going to take it back, don’t need it.

  5. sandra cox says:

    hmmm, good luck with those computers.

  6. amber skyze says:

    Good luck with the new computer and getting back to the wip!