A Brief Moment of Pleasure, by Fran Lee

I’m not all that good at book reviews and I suck at uploading covers.

Normally, I prefer to let others express their opinion on a book.  However, author Fran Lee gifted me a copy of her book, A Brief Moment of Pleasure, to take with me on my trip and I have to say, the book is a delight.  It’s a joy to read a story about a woman who can hold her own, not in the business world for a change, but in the world of martial arts.  Fran Lee makes it clear that the world of Japanese martial arts continues, even now, to be primarily a world of men.  A woman has to work two or three times as hard as a man to be recognized and respected for her achievements and abilities.  The really cool thing about this story is I know the author, herself, is indeed a respected martial artist and she has stood in her heroine, Lisa’s shoes.  My question is…did she have a hot guy like James Rhee panting at her stiletto heels?  Hmmm?  Do tell!!!

The story is unique and the author’s sincere voice comes through.  Lisa’s relationship with James develops at a realistic pace.  The reader shares Lisa’s frustration – she wants the man in her bed with a deep passion, but he’s her boss.  First and foremost, she wants to earn his respect.  She has no intention of becoming his plaything – Lisa wants more than a brief moment of pleasure.  The story is sweet and serious at times, laugh out loud funny at others.  The bedroom scenes are smoking hot.  The book is one where you can flat out lose yourself in romance for a few days!

Unfortunately, Asian heroes are rare in our contemporary romance novels.  I hope James Rhee is the exception that proves the rule.

Buy link:  http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8_view_item.html?m8:item=186-201-101-446-3

Author’s website:  http://fran-lee-romance.angelfire.com/

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6 Responses to A Brief Moment of Pleasure, by Fran Lee

  1. sandra cox says:

    Sounds like a great read.
    How ya doing, bud?

  2. I’m doing well, Sandra, thanks! Hope you are well and I hope your books are doing well. Still in L.A. Heading home today. Yes, it’s a good read! All the best.

  3. Fran Lee says:

    Thanks for the great peer review, love! Getting kudos from another author is great. It’s wonderful to hear that you enjoyed this one. I loved writing it.

  4. Fran, you’re welcome – thanks for the book!

  5. amber skyze says:

    Definitely sounds like a must read – though I didn’t doubt it.

  6. Katalina Leon says:

    I so need an e-reader to take with me! I’m missing too many wonderful books. A Brief Moment of Pleasure is definitely on my to read list. Fran Lee always delivers and I love the subject of this book.
    XXOO Kat