If only I could paint you a picture!

I really want to draw a sign that says:  Eli Whiteside One-Woman Fan Club – and Andres Torres and Jonathan Sanchez.  And I want to post it right here!

But I don’t have an ‘effin’ clue how to draw online!  I”m tired and goofy and happy my team won.  Yay for my baseball team!

Don’t you wonder how God chooses sides?  I mean, whenever you watch a football movie whichever team is featured is always praying that God will be on their side and I want to know why, exactly, should God choose your team…let’s call them The Tall Guys, over say…that team over there…let’s call them The Wide Guys?  Really?  God gets involved in who wins a football game?  Maybe if it’s the Superbowl, but that’s a pretty big if and I don’t think God has paid much attention since The Superbowl Shuffle. Well, maybe He kinda likes Pittsburgh…

My husband and I have these great aisle seats right above first base on the field level.  They are OUR seats.  Really.  OUR seats.  A couple squeezed in next to us and I heard the guy say to the girl in a loud Homer Simpson-esque whisper – I think they’re sitting in our seats…Remember that episode when the Simpsons entered the Witness Protection Program and they became The Sampsons?  And the guy kept saying, now when I say, hello Mr. Sampson, you say, helloWhen I say, hello Mr. Sampson and stomp on your foot, you say, hello.  And Homer turns to the other Witness Protection guy and whispers, loudly, I think he’s talking to you

Uh, no, I said, these are OUR seats.  Anyway, the woman spent the entire game talking to someone on the other side of her husband/date/brother/whatever and when that person left early, she spent the remainder of the game texting.  In the bottom of the eighth inning, when MY team was up eight to one, she looked up from her vigorous texting and asked no one in particular…Who’s winning? Where’s that damn line drive foul ball when you need it?!?

I got to see Buster Posey’s debut!  Rising star.  He may look like a choirboy, but man, is he a beast when he slides into second to break up that double play!

Sorry guys, I’m a bit of a sports’ freak and I live with sports’ freaks.  Forgive me?

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6 Responses to If only I could paint you a picture!

  1. amber skyze says:

    Oh that girl would drive me nuts!!!! LOL I’m off to see the Red Sox today. I’m totally excited. I’m a huge baseball fan! :)

  2. Amber, have a great time! I love softball too – I know you do also! Hope your weather is perfect baseball weather!

  3. sandra cox says:

    Another one…what side does God choose in wars.
    Glad you got to see BP.
    Have a good one, bud.

  4. Good point, Sandra! Excellent point! He chooses my team…yeah, right. You have a great weekend also. Hope you’re hanging in there.

  5. I don’t get why people go to games when they don’t even watch it. I swear they’re like taking away seats from those who really want to be there.

  6. Anna – I agree! She didn’t even eat anything. I could maybe understand it if you at least came for the food! Her only comment about the entire game, aside from the stupid who’s winning question was, Do you think those seats on the very top are cold? Arrrrgh!

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