Mia Watts pours her heart out.

Author Mia Watts is my friend and she’s written a post that felt like a kick in the gut.

Oh…she wrote about both the good and the bad in her post, Mood Swings and Reviews.  Everything she said resonated with me as I’m stuck in a big fat down period in my life, both as a writer and in general.  I’m quoting her:

“You want a look into the writer’s psyche? Here’s your look. We’re mostly solitary people because we hunker behind a computer and pour our hearts into our work. We believe in our characters. We believe in their struggles. We believe they will end up happy, because our faith in those characters is more real than fiction. We hurt for them when they don’t understand their lovers. We laugh when we’re typing a line that came out of nowhere and surprised us with its humor. You have to understand, we aren’t crazy… we just feel and know those characters so well, they are almost real to us. Yes, we know the difference between actual real people and fictitious people. But we created these guys and we care about their stories.

So, when we hear bad things it’s like a knife.”

Her site is well worth the visit and you can read the post for yourself:  http://miawatts.blogspot.com/

In other news…you can still be in the running for the tote!  Cats not included!  And here’s a shot of my new tattoo – not the greatest view but it was hard to hold the camera and push the button with my left hand (yes, those are my jeans and white tee shirt on the floor – just getting into the shower):

I miss my boy…

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3 Responses to Mia Watts pours her heart out.

  1. amber skyze says:

    Yes, her post really touched me too. Mia’s writing rocks and so does yours, though.

    Hugs to both of you. I know life sucks right now but it will get better.

  2. That’s a great tattoo Julia. What a wonderful way to keep Louie with you always.


  3. Thanks Amber and Anna.