Eye of the Needle, I cannot tell a lie and my sexy guys!

WWII German superspy, the Needle, who gravitates towards murder using his trusty switchblade, discovers vital evidence about the Allies D-Day invasion. He makes for the Scotish coast to escape on a U-Boat when his small boat is shipwrecked before being picked up and the Needle is washed ashore. He is saved by a man destined to never enter the war and his wife and child. The Needle quickly falls in love with the woman and both must decide between their love or country.

Eye of the Needle is a 1981 film directed by Richard Marquand, based on the novel of the same title by Ken Follett, and starring Donald Sutherland. The Storm Island scenes were shot over eight weeks on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides.

Rebecca, of Dirty Sexy Books, recently ran a post about movies in which she asked – have you ever watched a movie that so intrigued you, it ignited an interest in reading the book it was based on?  I responded – no.  I lied!  I realized that I loved the suspenseful movie, Eye of the Needle, so much that I ran out and bought the book, read it cover to cover, enjoying both the movie and the book equally.  Donald Sutherland and Kate Nelligan were brilliant.  Sutherland plays the vicious WWII German spy, der Nadel, (self-explanatory if you read the book or watch the movie).  Kate Nelligan plays an intelligent, long-suffering married woman.  She’s lonely and isolated, desperate for affection and attention and quite frankly, she needs a compassionate, empathetic shoulder to lean on.  Sutherland wants to be that shoulder, among other body parts.  The passion and the tragedy in the movie and the book tore me up because…well…if you’ve got Netflix, rent the film or buy the book.  In addition, one of the most appealing things about the characters is that they are real – they do not have perfect bodies or use body doubles.

Okay, sexy guys!  I have new sexy guys on TV, and one girl crush.  Let’s leave True Blood out of this, I’m talking network TV and The Travel Channel.  Bear with me now!

Sexy guy number one:  Alex O’Laughlin, the Australian actor who played reluctant vampire Mick St. John in the short-lived series, Moonlight – which I loved and I was totally pissed off when the network pulled the show!  He’s in the new Hawaii Five-O and I cannot wait because he’s starring with my girl crush, my favorite Cylon, former BSG-er Grace Park, better known as the Sharons or the Eights.  Oh God, I adore the Sharons!

See?  Alex.  Yum.

Sexy guy number two – Anthony Bourdain, of No Reservations on the Travel Channel.   From the moment I saw him on Food Network – way back when -  his risque bad boy behavior pushed all my right buttons.  When The Food Network lost him, or canned him, I don’t know which, the channel lost their edge.  He’s got all the right stuff – great face, great voice, great body, great bad boy aura of danger, and food chops to boot.  Again…yummm.

Who’s on your list?

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21 Responses to Eye of the Needle, I cannot tell a lie and my sexy guys!

  1. Katalina Leon says:

    Anthony Bourdain I hate to be so cliche as to say Yum! but I will anyway. He’s my favorite spiritual, sarcastic bad boy of food & travel. How can a man who smokes, drinks and eats fatty hog jowls all over the world be so sexy? It’s perplexing, it’s wrong, it’s dirty and very, very bad… lol
    The new Hawaii 5-0 Yes! Good idea, I just hope they do justice to the Ventures theme-those guys are way cool.
    XXOO Kat

  2. amber skyze says:

    Mmmm, I do like Alex O’Laughlin. I’m looking forward to the new Hawaii 5-0 too.

  3. My current tv sexy guy is U.S. Marshall Raylean Givens (Timothy Olyphant) from FX’s Justified! But I also was a huge fan of Mick St. John and Moonlight and share your disappointment in its cancellation.

  4. Kat – The Food Network so lost me when they lost Anthony and Jamie Oliver. Yeah, it’s totally weird how he drinks and smokes and cusses and eats all kinds of insane food – yet he’s so got it goin’ on!

    Amber – I never watched old Hawaii Five-O when I was a kid, but I think I’ll watch it now!

    Wendy – yes, he’s totally cool! My other guy is Jax from Sons of Anarchy. Hotness!

  5. Brynn says:

    The boys from Supernatural top my list. Jenson Ackles and Jered Padelecki.

    Fun post :)

  6. LOL – Brynn beat me to it! I loves me some Jenson Ackles and Jared Padelecki…especially Jenson. Le sigh…. Oh! And also Keith Hamilton Cobb from his Andromeda days. I was a sad panda when he cut off all those beautiful dreads.

  7. Love Alex and Anthony…total yum factor. Must agree with Wendy when she said Timothy Olyphant of Justified. I drooled over him in the HBO series Deadwood (and was sooo bummed when it was cancelled) but he’s baaaaaack and just as droolworthy. Have to give a shout out to the True Blood guys. WOW! Eric, Bill, Jason, Sam and ALCIDE…gimme more of those guys!

  8. Oh yeah, Jax from Sons of Anarchy! HOTTNESS

  9. I’ve never watched Supernatural – might have to start!

    Regina – I’m on True Blood boycott right now. I’m going to watch after the season. I keep starting an episode and find myself switching into DNF mode. Damn!

  10. Eve Langlais says:

    What no true blood guys? LOL Does Damon with the sexy eyes from Vampire Diaries count? He makes the show for me and is the reason I bought the first three books which weren’t as good as the show sadly.

  11. Katalina Leon says:

    I never smoked and I don’t drink so why I am a drooling over Daniel Craig as 007, Anthony Bourdain, and my current favorite chain-smoking, high-ball swigging bad boy Dan Draper aka Jon Hamm from MadMen… ? What’s wrong with me? Clean living has polluted my mind.
    XXOO Kat
    PS I’ll never forget the show where Anthony Bourdain visited a French farm and stood over a blue plastic bucket of disgusting raw hog jowls with a cigarette hanging from his lips, trickling ashes all over the place. The farmer cooked the fatty tripe and Anthony ate it while a cigarette smoldered on a table top ashtray! Disgusting but boldly daring as well. Talk about tempting the grim reaper… lol
    XXOO Kat

  12. Eve, no True Blood guys cuz it’s always True Blood guys! I’m an Eric fannnnatic – today is about the average Joe – LOL! Any other vampire show counts!

    Kat – I’ve seen A. B. eat the most politically incorrect stuff while doing the most politically incorrect things and he doesn’t give a flying ‘f’ what people think of him. I think that’s why I adore him!

  13. Regina – Jax is sweet and hot mixed together! A great combination.

  14. Linda Kage says:

    Hello, Alex!! Hawaii Five-O, here I come.

  15. Pat Cunningham says:

    Jared, Jensen and Misha. Don’t forget Misha.

  16. kris norris says:

    I’m all over Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs… hell, I’ll watch some of those documentaries just to listen to him narrate… le sigh…and he’s not married, so…

    I’d like to add David Boreanaz… formerly Angel and now the sexy FBI guy on Bones…I think I’d preferred him as the troubled vamp, but hey, he looks damn good in a suit too.

    I also like the guy from Lie to Me… he’s not terrible gorgeous or anything, but his accent and the fact he reads people… like the guy from Mentalist… don’t know their names, but…

    That’s about it… most of the TV watching here is done by kids, so I rarely see any… maybe that should change, lol.

  17. Wait…Pat – what show/s?

    Kris – yeah, Angel was a hottie! I’ve never seen Lie to Me or the Mentalist, but the guy in the Mentalist was in The Devil Wears Prada and I thought the heroine was insane to walk away from him and her job!

  18. Stephanie says:

    Mick St John may have been my entree back into the genre. That dang writer’s strike killed a lot of sup series. I could have done without the fireproof ex-dead-wife. The female journalist star was David Tenant’s(the Doctor) GF.

    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  19. Stephanie says:

    Hawaii 5-0 what’s next Pepper fromm Police Woman, Vin Diesel as Kojak?

  20. Stephanie says:

    When is this Supernatural show on? Where?

  21. Steph – I could maybe see Vin Diesel as Kojak – even though I never watched Kojak. Yeah, I know…I was surprised to see the promos for Hawaii 5-O too, but I’ll watch Grace Park in anything!