My guy.

Look how big he’s getting!

It’s eerie how much Jake resembles Louie.  It’s also eerie how much he likes to sleep in exactly the same spot on the couch.

I’m working on edits so my posts will be short and sweet this week.

Oh…I do have to mention one thing:  The Walking Dead.  OMFG.  I haven’t watched a show this gripping since BSG ended.  And I hate zombies!  They’re gross.  The Walking Dead is totally violent and weird, but if you watch from the beginning, not only will the premise hook you, the acting is spectacular and the themes, riveting.  It’s on AMC.  My son tells me the show is based upon a comic book –

A word of warning, this is dark stuff.  Not for kids.

That’s it for today, back to edits!

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7 Responses to My guy.

  1. SusiSunshine says:

    Awwww he so cute. *wants to hug him*

    I probably have to wait ages to see that show. Living in Germany can suck so much sometimes.

  2. amber skyze says:

    Oh he’s so big and adorable. I want to cuddle him. ;)

    Good luck with edits.

  3. Stephanie says:

    So adorable! I want to get my hubs a dog to take to work. Must not see cats as prey.
    I await the return of electrical power for posting. But I haven’t disappeared!

  4. Yes, Jake is very hugable! He’s five months and fifty pounds.
    Susi – maybe you can get The Walking Dead on hulu, but you’d have to watch the first 90 minute episode on a computer.

    Thanks, Amber – 1/3 of the way through.

    Steph – where’s your electricity? My other shepherd, Louie, loved his cats. He grew up with four of them and we’re now down to two. Jake would like to play with the two we have, but they don’t want any part of a puppy. For the most part, he leaves them alone. If you introduce a puppy into a cat household, they will usually respect the cats and let them be the boss.

  5. Thanks, Beverly! He’s nutty but sweet too!

  6. Excellent is this new zombie tv show The Walking Dead – so don’t have to wait 6 months for new movies to release lol !