Before I get to the good stuff, the better stuff!

If you go to the Siren site, not only can you get my new release, Pushing Her Boundaries, at 10% off, you can get all my Siren books at 15% off for the next three days!  Hurry!

Also better stuff…remember True Grit?  How much I loved both the movie and the book?  Well, I’ve got another movie rec for you.  This film is brilliant, deeply disturbing, dark and uplifting all at the same time.  I actually feel like True Grit and this movie should share the award for Best Picture.  It won the 2010 Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.  Blew.  Me.  Away.  Winter’s Bone.  Go rent it ASAP.  I could not take my eyes off Jennifer Lawrence – the young actress in the leading role.

On to my scheduled topic:  Why I like a blank canvas.  One word – potential.  It’s all there, space waiting to be filled by my dreams, my fantasies, the crazy workings of my fevered mind.

Years ago, I painted.  Everyone expected me to be an art major because I had some unusual successes as a teenager.  I did begin my freshman year in college as Fine Arts major, but I failed. As far as my teachers were concerned, I sucked at life-drawing.  Sucked eggs.  I’d always painted abstractly, using a variety of tools and body parts, rarely brushes, incorporating lots of color.  I remember one teacher, a well-known painter in his own right, standing behind me as I painted what was supposed to be a portrait, harrumphing in a nasty fashion.  He consistently gave every one of my paintings an ‘F’.  Rather than skew my GPA downward, I dropped out of the class.  I haven’t painted since I was nineteen years old.  Because of two people, author Katalina Leon and Stephanie – book blogger at Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust, I’m thinking of picking up a brush again, except I’ll probably pick up forks, spoons, rakes, straws, sticks, dog bones…

But what does this have to do with writing?  Well, when I stopped painting, I devoted myself to writing, at least for a time, and of course, picked it up again full time a few years ago.  I begin every story like I would begin a painting – I view the blank canvas on my word processor and see the story’s potential, in living color.  This isn’t paint by the numbers…the final result inevitably surprises me.

Tomorrow – why I miss all the parties.

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8 Responses to Before I get to the good stuff, the better stuff!

  1. amber skyze says:

    I hope you go back. I’m sure you’ll enjoy painting again.

    I love the idea of a blank canvas. :)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Sounds like you might enjoy mixed media or encaustics. I am thinking about painting again too– probably all the damn white surrounding my house, my town, my state….I better stock-up on TItanium white.

  3. Think I will, Amber. I know you love a blank canvas for creating your stories!

    Steph – I think encaustics for sure. The exhibits I visited in Baltimore really gave me the painting bug. I’m laughing – titanium white – you got plenty!

  4. I can’t encourage you strongly enough to start painting again! But please do it part time-don’t scrimp on your wonderful writing. The painting will fuel the writing. Because you are an eccentric your work will carry a unique signature no one can copy. Art is not about copying nature it’s about showing our internal life to the outside world and sharing the “unspeakable that must be shown.”
    I use the Daniel Smith art catalog for inspiration about new materials and pigments-it’s really exciting. A little of my artwork has been featured in past catalogs.
    XXOO Kat

  5. Ooh, Kat, looking it up! I’d really like to take a class in mixing egg-tempera paints. Encaustic is also of interest to me. I won’t stop writing, but I think now is a good time to start painting again.

  6. I’ve never done real hot-encaustic wax artwork but I’ve worked with dry pigments, Dorland’s portrait wax and resin kits that I purchased through Daniel Smith. I loved the soft glow and dimension they gave to paintings. Treat yourself to real Spikenard lavender oil instead of stinky turpentine to dissolve the amber crystals. You’ll feel like an alchemist mixing this stuff up. It’s wonderful.
    XXOO Kat

  7. Ciara Knight says:

    I gave up knitting when I started writing. Not the same, but, ya know. :)
    I hope you go back to it someday.

  8. Kat – I’m looking!

    Ciara – you still do some knitting, right?