Because Kat said so!

My friend, author Katalina Leon, advised me to take this down time to dream up a few more stories and set some priorities.  Done and done.  Well…sorta.

Don’t you think the cat’s eyes look like Kat’s?  I think so.

Anyway, what have I managed to come up with, aside from one more weird ass near death experience?

Just before the respiratory shit happened, I saw my deceased cat, Kitty, which was pretty crazy.  I never, ever thought of Kitty as a cat, she was more of a paranormal shapeshifter who could speak English even when in cat form.  She jumped onto my bed just before I began having trouble breathing.  When I felt a cat climb onto my lap, I uncovered an eye to look, and there was Kitty in all her tiny orange splendor.  She looked, well, she looked exactly like Kitty.  Guess the sighting confirms my suspicion that she never left us.

I also learned, later that night, that I will never again, unless under extreme duress (again), willingly be injected with a drug cocktail of Decadron, Ativan and Dilaudid.  Man-oh-man, did I have some major freaky nightmares!

But I did listen to Kat and I took some time to consider my options – I mean, aside from listening to basketball games, I had nothing but time, right?  I’ll be putting my house in order over the next few weeks, start the new blog schedule, and focus on promises made.

Thanks so much to Lex Valentine for acting as blog-manager while I was blind – even though my eyes will be irritated for another week or so, I really am seeing so incredibly well now.  It’s kind of amazing.

Oh, Beauty and the Feast got a mention here on Tuesday:  Sweet Vernal Zephyr. And Pushing Her Boundaries has appeared on Amazon.  In print, no less!  Yum!

Thanks for all your thoughts, special messages, and good wishes – I know you’ve got my back and believe me…you ever need me, you can drop me a line.

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5 Responses to Because Kat said so!

  1. amber skyze says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. I’ve been having nightmares for the last four months…mine are pregnancy related, though. Hope yours go away soon.

  2. I had some major hallucinations from script cough medicine a few years back. Woke my husband up in the middle of the night to ask him if I was dead. No idea why that seemed logical at the time. I don’t take that stuff anymore. Breathe easy. S

  3. Welcome back! (I do have green eyes but nothing as beautiful as a real cats-I wish)
    You’ve had some mighty strange, but interesting times! It’s going to be wonderful to watch those seeds grow.
    XXOO Kat

  4. Amber, you’re entitled! Hang in there, girl – I think about you every day.

    Yeah, Steph, I swear…I don’t like drugs!

    I knew you had green eyes, Kat! Definitely interesting times. Don’t know how fast I’ll be moving for a couple more weeks.

  5. Welcome back. It is good to see you slowly getting back to normal.