Julia’s Journey to the Dark Side.

That’s enough of the third person.  I actually feel very uncomfortable when people talk about themselves in the third person.

So.  How do I explain One Four All, my foray into the world of menage?  ‘Cuz I’d kind of like to explain it in third person.

My publisher called me.  She said this – “We like the way your write and we’d like to increase your sales.  Menage is very popular right now.  Would you consider writing a menage?”

Moi?  I’m like so one man one woman.  Like so one man one woman as in if my husband ever cheated on me I’d destroy him.  I’m vindictive that way.

“But it’s a fantasy,” she said.  “Just a fantasy.  We already know you can write fantasy.”

Hmmm.  “Well yes, I can do that.”  My brain is sort of fueled by fantasy.

I set myself some ground rules before I began One Four All.

1.  Futuristic science fiction setting.

2.  Damn good reason for one woman to take on three men.

3.  A kick ass heroine who could hold her own with three warriors.

4.  Protective men who wouldn’t kill each other over a woman because a. they are friends and colleagues and b. the pay off would be worth it.  As in…marrying into the royal family.

Lira Pakan, heir to the Throne of Zhinshu, has vanished. Her zealots gather along the border with the neighboring state of Khubuk, awaiting the outcome of her father’s pleas to the World Court.

Captain Tanner Kepp serves in the elite Special Forces of Khubuk. When the captain is ordered to choose two men to accompany him to Land’s End, an isolated compound on the maritime border between Khubuk and Zinshu, the last thing he expects to find is the missing princess. Captain Kepp, Arms Master Cer Watso and Sergeant Redda Till realize they must rescue her and avert all out war.

The princess, however, has other plans. These men can be more than her rescuers. According to the law of Zhinshu, she must choose three men as consorts. Her people say: “one to guard the right hand, one to guard the left hand, and one to guard the back, always.”

I’m actually working on a sequel involving Lira’s younger sister – One For Me.

You can buy One Four All here and here.

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6 Responses to Julia’s Journey to the Dark Side.

  1. Katalina Leon says:

    Menage is fun to read and can be super challenging to write. I admire you.
    I’m so happy to hear there is more in the works! “One For Me” is a great title.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Hey Kat, it is very challenging to write. What goes where??? I like One For Me too – hopefully won’t take me forever.

  3. Ciara Knight says:

    I’ve never read a menage story. I know your an excellent writer and you’ll do a great job with it. :)

  4. Well Ciara, it was a challenge.

  5. anny cook says:

    I enjoy writing menage…can’t explain why, though. It’s just there. Even books that start as one-on-one sometimes end up menages as that other guy…sneaks in there and worms his way into their hearts.

  6. Anny – it’s fun the way your extra guy sneaks into your stories. I think it works because you write loving relationships. Very cool!