You ever feel like a dumb ass?

Before I get to my real topic, I have something beyotchy to say.  I don’t troll the internet, but I do follow links and recommendations, reading unique and interesting posts or articles.  Sometimes I comment, especially if I have an interest in the subject matter.

You know how it feels when you return to that site, just to see if a response has been posted to your comment or your question answered, only to discover the author has replied to everyone’s comment except yours?  If it happens once or twice, you shrug, figuring maybe it’s an oversight.  Any more than that and you figure either you are beneath notice or your comment was so stupid as to be held in contempt.  Which is it?

Well hell.  Sure makes me feel like a dumb ass… I guess for commenting in the first place.

Okay, had to get that out of my system.

Tomorrow I’m starting a series of posts on the background of each of my books – leading up to a big Holiday giveaway.  Join me.  I promise to reply to your comments and answer your questions.  :)

And a big thank you to Laura for her lovely letter about Captured.  I think it’s a very special book too.


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34 Responses to You ever feel like a dumb ass?

  1. I always forget to go back in and respond to comments on my blog. Does that make me bad? I love comments…I read them…I delight in them…I would roll in them if I could. But I always forget to go back in and say something in response.

  2. anny cook says:

    I’ve had that happen several times to me. Thought I was just being…touchy. Maybe not. I don’t always return comments on my own blog–mostly because I have nothing to add, but if I do, I try to return something bit to everyone. ‘Cause I know how that feels…

  3. Don’t worry, it just means your stunning contribution has overwhelmed the author…

  4. amber skyze says:

    Yup, I know exactly what you mean.
    I’m with Anny. I don’t always return comments, especially if I feel I can’t add more and then there are times when I can’t comment because blogger won’t let me. Very Frustrating.

  5. Penelope says:

    What Jacqueline said!

    It makes you feel like a chump. I hate feeling like a chump. Several “Big Name Romance Sites Which Will Remain Nameless” do this all the time. There is a clique of “regulars” who comment and get acknowledged. And the rest of the poor schmoes who dare to comment are totally ignored.

    Well, I don’t appreciate feeling like a chump. So I no longer visit those sites. The fan girls can have them.

    Where is Laura’s letter about Captured? Where? Where? :)

  6. Delilah Hunt says:

    Whoever it was is the real chump. And I know the feeling. Something like that happened to me on FB. The person went through and ‘liked’ everyone’s comment except mine. Needless to say I have not and will never make contact with said author again. Their are petty people like that everywhere. As for Laura, she knows what’s good. Captured was da bomb!!! (Is anyone even still using that term?)

  7. Erica, not you. What you do is not what I mean.

  8. Hey all, I’m the chump. On the road and can’t answer comments!

  9. Jaye says:

    I’d comment, but I feel chumpy today, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

    On an interesting road, Julia?

  10. It’s happened a couple of times to me and I tried to overlook it, especially if the particular post received a lot of comments. However, there were ones where there were only a couple of comments posted and I felt like I missed the party invite and I crashed the post.

    When I blogged regularly I did my best to respond and thank every comment. Sometimes if I didn’t know the person or the comment was just a “nice post!” comment I didn’t know what to say I at least thanked them for stopping by. But it was hard and time consuming, but if the person took time to read and comment I felt I should at least try to remember to thank them for the comment. Or do a general “THANK YOU for the comments” comment. :)

  11. Ok, if I ever ignore one of your comments, just tweet me with a “Hey, talk to me, dang it!” It’ll work, I promise. :)

  12. Katalina Leon says:

    Captured is a wonderful book, it deserves the praise!
    Whenever I see that everyone BUT me received a comment on a blog I immediately assume I’ve offended the author or said the wrong thing. Isn’t that terribly masochistic?
    I grew up in a big family and getting the silent treatment from a brooding sister was a way of life. I have to remind myself on-line that people are busy, distracted or simply don’t know how to answer me and most likely nothing was meant by the silence.
    XXOO Kat
    PS You’re no dumb ass-no way.

  13. D.C. says:

    OMG, if I’ve ever done that I am sorry. I mean, it sounds like a bone headed thing I would do. Okay, tell you what. If I’ve done that then you can get back right now by not responding…



  14. Actually, I feel more like a dumb ass when I keep tweeting for people to read my blog but no one ever does. Or if they do, I don’t know it because no one EVER LEAVES A COMMENT! (Just wanted you to see that I read yours.)

  15. Brinda says:

    Sometimes I comment back when I’m able. If I’m lucky and I have a lot of comments, I answer back in a “group” type comment. I recently discovered that there are bloggers who EMAIL me every single time I comment on their blog. That made me feel like an inconsiderate responder. Oh, well. You are one sharp lady, so don’t let the non-response bother you.

  16. Brinda, you are wonderful at replying. I’m not trying to lecture anyone. I just feel so lonely when everyone gets a response but me! You know, like maybe I have leprosy or something.

  17. Marsha, I am not going to follow you and comment constantly! Naked…nice…will get to it ASAP.

  18. No, D.C., not you! Heavens! Not you! I’m not talking about anyone I know up close and personal!

  19. Thanks, Kat. But yeah, sometimes you feel sorta hung out to dry, you know what I mean? I also assume either I’m an idiot or I offended the author. Always the masochist!

  20. I will, Prudence! Except it will be – “Hey Dawg, talk to me!” :)

  21. That’s it, Karen. In a nutshell. You feel like you missed the invite and crashed the post. Yes, that’s the exact feeling.

  22. Jaye, you are never a chump. You are my horror hero! A very interesting road. Laters.

  23. Thanks for the Captured comment, Delilah. Yeah sometimes FB gets to be like those old slam books. We are such adolescents after all.

  24. Hiya Penelope. Her letter is on my books page, I think. It’s a really sweet note. Yes, I no longer frequent the sites where people go out of their way to pretend I don’t exist.

  25. Anny and Amber – yes, you may not reply to every comment, but you are very welcoming. Besides, I don’t need a reply. I talk to you two.

  26. Jacqueline – Oh yes, you are so right! That must be it! :)

  27. I usually respond via email and sometimes via reply. Sometimes a comment stands on its own but I like to thank people for taking the time. ?

  28. Steph – we have a dialogue so I don’t sweat it. You almost always respond via email.

  29. And for this reason I respond to every, single comment. Way too many dumb ass moments for me.


  30. Thanks, Jen. I love your site! And you About page.

  31. Thanks Julia – I am glad you checked out my site. :-)
    Your new dumb ass follower LOL,
    PS you know when I try to fall asleep tonight I am going to think about your post and giggle. Then have nightmares about sidewalk poopin people.

  32. Jen, you’re making me giggle too!

  33. Sandra Cox says:

    I love getting comments, and I really appreciate the fact that you’re always kind enough to leave them at my blog, Julia. I have to admit I’m not always the best at responding. Sometimes, I don’t have a response, sometimes I don’t think about it, Sometimes it doesn’t feel like one is required. But after reading this, I will make a point of doing better.

  34. Sandra – I know you’re thinking about me because you email me all the time. No sweat.