Hacking up a hairball.

It began innocently enough. Tuesday night I went to bed at 10:30. Yes, not only did I get into bed, I fell asleep. I stirred when hubby arrived around 11:30, but fell back to sleep quick enough.

I was awakened from a dream by this… “Hunnnnh. Hunnnnh. Hunnnnh.” It came from beneath the bird cage. The birds began to flap and squawk at the tops of their little air sacs. The dog rushed in from the hallway, barking at the unexplained noise. The source of the hacking, Ichi-ban, leaped onto my feet, still hacking away on my duvet.

After grabbing the heaving cat, I flipped on the light to avoid stepping in anything untoward and flew down the stairs with the dog at my side, slid open the sliding door that keeps the dog out of the living room, unlocked the front door and tossed the cat outside. I grabbed a handful of old towels and carpet cleaner, cleaned up the hairballs under the birdcage, ran back downstairs and tossed everything into the washing machine and left it for morning.

When I returned to the bedroom, I glanced at the clock. It was only 1:30 a.m. Jeez Louise! All that hacking couldn’t wait until sunrise?

Hubby hadn’t moved a muscle.

I finally drifted off around 4 a.m.

Last night was a repeat of the same. This time hubby woke up but he had to present at a seminar in the morning so there you go. I’ve slept maybe 5-6 hours in two nights. I tell you, Ichi is worse than a baby. He sleeps all day and then wants you to either do stuff with him all night or clean up hair balls all night.

Lock him outside, you say?

Can’t because of the raccoon situation. Already spent a fortune on vet bills because of a single close encounter with a raccoon which involved a discharging of the raccoon’s anal glands all over the cat. No, you don’t want to know. A skunk smells like sugar cookies in comparison.

Hey… yesterday was fun. We oughta group watch The Walking Dead. Too bad we’re in different time zones!

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19 Responses to Hacking up a hairball.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Hope you get some sleep soon.

  2. Stephanie says:

    One phrase: Hairball remedy. In your case (or Ichi’s) I recommendtuna flavor. Science diet also makes a Hairball controlling dry food. He’s long haired. He’s gonna have hairballs. They will always choose a rug over bare floor because they need to grip the rug. If there is a ton of liquid with it then there could be something else.


  3. Penelope says:

    That story makes me REALLY glad I have a dog. Ugh!

    Have a great day! :)

  4. Barbara says:

    Ha! Snowball gives me plenty of warning since she starts yowling in misery first. Then the race is on as I chase her all over the house with a handful of paper towels to shove under her face before she horks on the floor. Fortunately she’s chubby and keeps stopping to gag so I can get my hands on her neck.

    She was acting all crazy for a while too and I found this stuff at PetSmart that you plug in like an air freshener to calm cats down. It’s some herbal stuff, like pot for animals. I only used it for a couple of months but it really helped with her anxiety. Maybe Ichi just needs some sweet herb? :)

    I hope you get some sleep soon – my mom’s wonderfully valuable (sarcasm) advice is “stick her in her carrier!”

  5. Katalina Leon says:

    I had no idea raccoons had “anal discharge” in their arsenal… We have at least a dozen raccoons that come to our yard to steal avocados, now I’m terrified to let our dog out at night. I don’t want stinky guacamole coming back into the house! lol
    XXOO Kat

  6. Casey Wyatt says:

    Yeah, there’s nothing like cleaning up hairballs, especially after discovering them with bare feet. I feel your pain, Julia. Pets always make life more interesting.

  7. Oh Casey, discovering them with bare feet is the very worst! That’s why I flipped on the light – too many years of stepping in them.

  8. Hey Kat – it sticks like superglue. Everyone at the veterinary clinic freaked out – practically had to evacuate the clinic.

  9. Oh poor Snowball! I might try that, Barbara, but Ichi isn’t nervous. He just has so much hair!

  10. Yes, Penny. At least our dogs don’t hack up hairballs.

  11. Hey Steph, I had no idea that was why they always hack ‘em up on my carpet. Geez! Didn’t do me any good to get mostly hardwood floors, did it?

  12. Aaron Pound says:

    I used to have a long haired cat and would give him this fish flavored oil stuff that was supposed to make him less prone to hairballs. I don’t remember anything about it other than it came in a container shaped like a toothpaste tube.

    Aaron (Dreaming About other Worlds).

  13. Oh Aaron, I think we just have to live with Ichi’s hairballs. Yuck.

  14. Ohh boy I do hope you get some rest..

  15. Thanks, Savannah. Last night was not it.

  16. Sandra Cox says:

    The hacking at all hours of the night sounds familiar. The raccoon story…..nope haven’t had that pleasure.

  17. Sandra Cox says:

    fyi: Tried to post on some of the older blogs and couldn’t. Your kitty is soooo cute.

  18. Hi Sandra – got all your comments. No worries. He’s a cute but OCD-ish cat. Goes on jags. Right now it’s a pounding on the kitchen door jag.