Do you like it hot?

I do, and I’m not referring to my book, Is It Spicy? — which you can purchase for $.99 on Amazon.  (No, it’s not erotica, it’s totally PG!)  I’m talking about cooking with spices.

A year or so ago I wrote a review about a nonfiction book, Spice, the History of a Temptation.  This is a great read.  The author discusses the history of spices, uses, medical applications, value – more valuable than gold in ancient society.

Now, of course, when everything is pulled apart and studied, scientists agree that spices are good for us.  Big surprise.  Spices were used for flavoring, food preservation, and medicine in most cultures for centuries and only fell out of favor in the past few hundred years.

Research from Penn State seems to confirm the health benefits of spices. Here’s the link to a quick summary from NPR.

Yes, I know I’m talking about food again, but I never like it when a food is taken in isolation.  Yes, I suspect spices used in cooking contribute to our overall health and well being – and satisfaction.  I mean, you want your food to be flavorful, right?  I love nothing better than a good pumpkin yellow curry.

But I have a friend who believes if a little is good, a whole lot is better.  Since tumeric seems to have significant health benefits, she not only puts it on her oatmeal in the morning – excuse me while I vomit – she takes tumeric supplements throughout the day.

Once again, it’s all about the search for the holy grail of longevity.  Blah-blah-blah…. Think Ponce de Leon’s failed quest for the legendary fountain of youth.  Maybe from now on when I eat my bacon I’ll pour on the tumeric and cinnamon.

Speaking of food – I got the sweetest compliment from a cowgirl who read In the Flesh – she said on Amazon, and I quote, Wolf and Sydney Five Stars:  “As a cowgirl, it is really hard for me to find a book about a rancher or cowgirl that portrays them accurately. The scene on checking calves in a snowstorm was so true. Julia Barrett not only was right on with her ranch scenes, she’s written a great romance. The growing attraction between Syd and Wolf is hot, to say the least. Sydney is struggling to maintain her family ranch while keeping her lifelong dream of being a doctor. As for a hero, you can’t get any better than Wolf. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants a fast, funny and heartbreaking romance. I’m off to buy another Barrett book.”

Wow.  She’s a cowgirl.  Her review humbles me.

Hey, so what did you think of The Walking Dead finale?  What makes Rick any better than Shane?  A whole lotta nuthin’ in my opinion.  I’d take Shane any day because at least he didn’t pretend to be a paragon of virtue. And Andrea and her new gal pal KICK ASS.  I plan to watch Season Three for those two alone.  By the way, Daryl’s personality has gone MIA.  Maybe it was transplanted into Glen who finally manned up.  At least Carol had the balls to say something.  And T-Dog can drive. He’s right – drive away as fast as you can and don’t look back… The Force is strong with that one


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24 Responses to Do you like it hot?

  1. Jaye says:

    Too tired for proper response tonight. Will have to come back to this tomorrow… Stay tuned.

  2. Amber Skyze says:

    I love my food spicy and enjoyed your book Is It Spicy! :)

    Congrats on the great review.

  3. Penelope says:

    Congrats on the great review!

    Rick is cracking. He can’t live with his decision to kill Shane. He’s too sensitive for that shizz. I almost peed my pants when that creepy thing and its 2 “pets” showed up to save Andrea. Oh…My….God! Scariest thing ever on that show! Yikes. Also, I actually think Daryl is one of the characters being true to form. He does not want to be a leader. He does not want the responsibility. But he recognizes that he can’t survive on his own…his chances are better with the group. Why not let Rick deal with all the heavy decision-making stuff? He wants nothing to do with that. At least, not yet.

    Awesome scene with him pulling up on his bike and saving Carol. Romance! In the Zombie Apocalypse! Woooooo hooooooo! :)

  4. anny cook says:

    As with everything…moderation is good. :-) I regularly use spices (though NOT salt).

    Congratulations on the great review. There’s nothing better than a good review by an expert! Then you know you’ve hit it right!

  5. Katalina Leon says:

    What an amazing endorsement from a real cowgirl! WTG!
    XXOO Kat

  6. I know, Kat! Isn’t it cool?

  7. I’m not huge on salt either, Anny, but I do love spices. And thank you!

  8. Thanks, Penny! Here’s my earlier response to you — I dreamed of zombies all night long! Andrea and her new gal pal get their own story line in Season 3. Yabba-dabba-doooo!
    Daryl is a mixed bag right now – sometimes he’s the old Daryl, sometimes the new meek Daryl. Let’s remember, Rick is the guy who handcuffed Merle to that pipe and then gave the key to the guy who wanted Merle dead… Daryl wouldn’t be all that much in Rick’s corner.
    Yeah, Rick is losing it, but the truth is Shane couldn’t do it – he had all night to kill him and he didn’t and that’s what’s eating Rick alive. He knows Shane, crazy as he was, couldn’t bring himself to do it. And Lori should feel like shit about this. And I hope when Andrea finds out she smacks Rick with a pet zombie!
    The scary woman is Michonne from the graphic novel.

  9. Can’t wait for your dissection, Jaye!

  10. Ciara Knight says:

    No salt, but love spice. :) I’ll look into picking up your book today.

  11. Casey Wyatt says:

    I love spice and I love your books – keep’em coming. I did watch most of The Walking Dead last night and, of course, my sons had to give me the run down and their opinions on the night’s episode. Younger son – “Who does Rick think he is? He’s no better than Shane.” He expects a revolt at some point. Perhaps, my boy is your kindred spirit too, Julia!

  12. Thanks, Casey. You tell your son he and I are on the same page for sure! He’s right – Rick is no better than Shane, maybe worse. A tyranny of one.

  13. Oh…Thanks Ciara!

  14. I love spicy foods…I can drink hot sauce…LOL..I know I’m crazy…

  15. My son can drink hot sauce too, Savannah. I’m not quite that bad. :)

  16. yoshi says:

    “The scary woman is Michonne from the graphic novel.”

    That was a woman? This show might be getting too creepy for me. I enjoy sleeping at night and would really rather not give it up. I have got a feeling we are going to meet some folks next season that will make Rick and Shane look like Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

  17. Oh Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi, you may be right…

  18. Charlie says:

    Congrats on the great review.
    I was happy that TWD finally had some real action. That’s really all I ask.

  19. Hey Charlie, a lot of people feel the same way. I wasn’t into the talking talking talking regarding Randall, but man, I hated what happened to Dale and Shane.

  20. Evie Balos says:

    Of course I like it hot!’re talking about food. A-hem. I’m not keen on very spicy food, but I do like the milder spices.

  21. Hi Evie – I like mild-spicy, as long as it tastes good!

  22. Oh, I can think of one of your recipes that is really really really spicy. That was a fabtastic review!