So for argument’s sake, let’s say you’re stranded on a desert island, or a deserted island.  Your boat is proverbial toast, but you’ve managed to salvage all the solar cooking equipment and you have a solar collector so you can use said cooking equipment.  Hey, it’s my fantasy, just go with it.

Let’s say you have a few indigenous food stuffs, such as coconuts, a couple tropical fruit trees, some edible green plants, maybe wild lilies, and whatever fish you can catch.

What foods would you save from the wreckage?  What FIVE foods would you want until such time as you were rescued?

Here’s my list!

KETCHUP– deal with it Tom and John!

Cooking oil so I could cook FRENCH FRIES TO GO WITH THE KETCHUP.



Canned vegetarian baked beans.

That’s actually six, but whatever… it’s my fantasy.

You know our dog, Jake?  Well we get all kinds of comments about how thin he is, like – “Wow, what is he?  He looks like a skinny bear!”  “Uh, is he a German shepherd?  Are they all that, uh, narrow?”

When that dog comes running toward you from a distance, man, he is a sight to behold.  He runs like a big cat.  You actually feel as if a cheetah is chasing you.  And then he does what we call a fly by – he leaps into the air as he reaches you and just grazes your shoulder.  It’s like he’s bringing down a wild animal but he knows he’d better not tackle you.  We’ve decided that if he was part of a wolf pack – cuz the prey drive is strong with this one – the other wolves would use him to flush the prey and herd it into a trap.  Jake won’t kill anything, he’s too sweet.  Besides, he doesn’t eat anything.  The other wolves would, like, all be eating and Jake would be like, “Uh, you guys got any Frosted Mini Wheats?  Or maybe a box of Wheat Thins?  I don’t eat raw meat.  Think you could put a nice sear on that liver for me?”

I’ll have to take a video of him one of these days.



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21 Responses to Food!

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    I’d like to have buffalo chicken wings, pretzels, coffee, chocolate and I can’t think of a fifth right now! LOL

  2. Stephanie says:

    I have had many chi-chi gourrnet experiences but the foods I want most I can’t have really because of gluten. It’s like I am stuck forever on the dessert island with gluten free bread analogues. I occasionally crave chocolate but it’s not a big deal. I know what I would miss because I miss it everyday. Pizza, fresh pasta, Carnegie deli coconut cake, real bread. I would miss all tomato products as I eat them almost daily; actually if all fruits and veg counted I would miss them.

  3. Stephanie says:

    that should be “gourmet.”

  4. Penelope says:

    I’ve had Jakey do a fly-by next to me….it was fun!

    Are you kidding about the canned beans? OMG!

    My five foods for a deserted island…
    1. panzanella salad
    2. gazpacho
    3. Green and Black’s 85% dark chocolate bar. (And if anyone tries to substitute Ghiradelli or anything else, I will kick their ass!)
    4. sour cream and onion potato chips (I guess if I’m stranded on a deserted island I don’t have to worry so much about my cardiac condition)
    5. Snapple iced teas

    (Also, I am hoping that Anthony LaPaglia would be stranded on the island with me, and would enjoy serving me iced tea and chocolate.)

  5. Jaye says:

    I would have to have my solar Keurig for this island trip. Coffee and a couple of cows. I’d be set. Oh, and eggs. I like eggs. And maybe some Thin Mints.

    There won’t be any cell phones on the island, will there? I won’t go if there is a cell phone.

    Heh. Fly by. I have a picky dog, too. He’ll taste BBQ potato chips, but turns up his nose at regular. He has to thoroughly check anything out before he’ll try a nibble. The other dog, though…? I should have named him Roomba.

  6. Tom Stronach says:


    No that’s not what I would take with me, it’s you three NUTS

    No there is no ketchup in my sauce Missy

    No you do not need solar cooking equipment

    Oh that reminds me of the time when I had some R and R time and so I hired a wee boat with a phut phut outboard and headed out to a little island for four days on my own I took

    Three bottles of brandy
    Two cases of beer
    A couple of ration packs
    A carton of fags
    A couple of books
    A fishing spear and my goggles and my matches

    one of the best four day periods of my life, mind you two weeks later same B*&^%$d shot me

    If I was going to be stranded I would insist that Ishbel was stranded with me along with my three fav aunties, Julia, Jaye and Penny, and instead of writing stories you could just make them up on the spot and tell them to me while I forage and hunt to feed you

  7. Penelope says:

    Good one, Tom! Also, I will smoke some of those naughty ciggies w/ you since we’re stranded and out of reach of my cardiologist. Ha!

  8. I would say wings, pepperoni pizza, beer, ketchup chips, and some coffee.

  9. Finally, Savannah, a woman who appreciates ketchup! I do like a good pizza.

  10. Penny, you are naughty! Very naughty!

  11. Tom, stranded with you would be a hoot! We’d have a lot of fun with the booze, but I prefer Scotch! Brandy is good for cooking tho. Definitely matches.

  12. I know, Jaye, you and your Keurig! Thin mints? My husband likes Thin Mints. No cell phones, that’s not stranded! My dog likes salt and vinegar… can you believe it? Eats nothing, but likes salt and vinegar potato chips even tho he makes a funny face when he’s eating them!

  13. Jake’s getting faster, Penny. His fly-bys are very impressive! No, I actually love canned vegetarian baked beans. I know, I’m weird.
    You’re bringing gourmet stranded food! Not fair!

  14. Hi Steph! Tomato products, always a good choice. I’ve never eaten coconut cake. I’m probably missing out.

  15. Amber – my husband would want chocolate-covered pretzels. Funny how most of us want coffee!

  16. Tom Stronach says:

    Always been a brandy man but I discovered Southern Comfort a while back, but Ishbel has banned me from drinking it, don’t ask!

  17. Southern Comfort does bad things to my stomach. :)

  18. anny cook says:

    Pinto beans, masa harina, chocolate, onions, avocados… solar is good. As for Jake–he sounds wonderful.

  19. Good stuff, Anny! Mix the chocolate with the masa harina!

  20. Sandra Cox says:

    Okay my five:
    Chocolate (of course)
    Peanut Butter (lots of Ps here)
    Honey Roasted Peanuts
    I saw a beautiful white dog yesterday looked to be a husky German shepherd mix.

  21. Yes, lots of ‘P’ foods! Funny! Jake has a husky/Shepherd mix friend – Zoe.