Stunned by events in The Walking Dead.

Just like True Blood is only roughly the same as Charlaine Harris’s vampire series, The Walking Dead has strayed from the original graphic novel roots.  And that’s okay with me.  I’m all right with changes because television is a different storytelling medium altogether.

Last night’s episode was powerful.  Fare thee well, Dale.  And I’m hearing about casting spoilers which have me totally freaking out.

So listen all, I had a rough weekend… still recovering.  I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.  Right?

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11 Responses to Stunned by events in The Walking Dead.

  1. Penelope says:

    The end was stunning and unexpected. The ridiculous scene in the farmhouse when they decided the kid’s fate was awful. This used to be a show that didn’t state the obvious….it let the narrative speak for itself. But Dale’s final speech (“Is this world so harsh? Is this survival of the fittest?”…..well, um, actually, yeah, it sort of is, Dale. Did you not get the memo? It’s the freakin’ Zombie Apocalypse!) was not good. It’s the difference between good TV (subtle) and bad TV (made for dumb people, let’s spell everything out for the stupid viewers). I was mad. But then that final scene saved the whole episode. Shocking, unexpected, a fabulous new twist. I just can’t quit this show! Ack!

  2. Amber Skyze says:

    Welcome back, J! :)

  3. Jaye says:

    Dale, unfortunately, suffered a TSTL moment. You see a cow half eaten, do you stand there like a dope gawking at it? He had a gun. Why wasn’t he whirling around in circles, shooting at anything that moved. And why do those people run around in the dark without any flashlights?

    And yet, and yet, that damned show is so compelling…

  4. Katalina Leon says:

    Doesn’t some of that stuff just make you want to rip the lock off a long abandoned, dilapidated barn in a remote zombie infested countryside location and just blindly rush into the shadows?
    XXOO Kat

  5. I don’t watch this as the zombie apocalypse is not my thing, but chatter on Twitter exPLODed right after. Hope everything is ok. S

  6. Tom Stronach says:

    hey Aunt Julia, hope you have recovered, loved the little gift…. but, dipped back in to TWD again just to see Na, just like to kill them now on my iPad

    Lurv U xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. I wish they let you watch this on line..I have been trying to save up for the DVD’s.

  8. I know, Savannah! Wish I could zap the show to you!

  9. Oh Kat, how you make me laugh!

  10. Jaye – compelling and hair-tearing at the same time.