I think I’ll just eat cake.

Congrats to Tonya, you’ve won a copy of Incorporeal.  I’m pretty sure most of you who left me such kind comments already have the book.  But thanks for your birthday wishes!

Not to appear mopey, but I do get the distinct impression that there are so many book giveaways going on all the time nobody really pays much attention anymore.

Nevertheless, here’s one more book for your Kindle reading pleasure, for one lucky visitor:

In the Flesh:  Lightning in the middle of a blizzard? Dr. Sydney Blake has read about it, but this is the first time in all her life she’s experienced it. Has her truck been struck? Blinded by the flash, she slams on the brakes and dives from the driver’s seat, right into a snow drift. 
As a shivering Syd gropes to her feet, she keeps her eyes shut tight, praying she didn’t actually see what she thinks she saw in that flash of light… a golden giant standing smack dab in the middle of the road. No way. Not possible. Or is it? In The Flesh is the sequel to Incorporeal, a paranormal romance by Julia Barrett.

If you’d like a chance to win a copy, leave me a comment – feel free to talk about the weather!  Lightning strikes in a blizzard are good.  I’m not particular.  Tweet away!

Tonight I’m grateful my son has food poisoning rather than appendicitis.  I’m grateful my husband was put on a plane other than the one that couldn’t fly straight – even if it meant he was stranded twice, first in Montana and then in Seattle – he made it home safe and sound late this morning.

I think tomorrow I’ll discuss the dangers of under-cooked poultry.  (I won’t touch the subject of flying.)

Or why Sunday’s stellar yet, at the same time, disappointing episode of A Game of Thrones reminded me far too much of The Tudors (a re-write of Henry VIII’s court which made me nauseous).

Or I may discuss cover-disconnect (when a cover reflects nothing of the story within).

Or perhaps I’ll mention that I am stunned to find myself incredibly underwhelmed and dare I say, bored, by the book, The Hunger Games.  I never in a million years thought the day would come when I’d actually hear myself utter these words– Twilight is a better read.

You know, blogging is a tough act.  There are so many knowledgeable bloggers out there in the ethersphere discussing the publishing industry and the pace of change. Others teach the craft of writing and still others, carpentry (otherwise known as author platform building).  I don’t spend much time discussing these issues.  It’s not my business to tell  you how to do your work or what to do with your work – some very intelligent people have made it their life’s purpose to fill that role.

However, there are days when I ask myself… why not hang up a Closed sign and just write books?

I think some restructuring is in order, don’t you?  Either this blog needs some thought or an infusion of vampire blood.  I’ll get back to you.

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22 Responses to I think I’ll just eat cake.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    I’m so glad your son will be okay and that the hubby made it home safe and sound. I hate flying.
    OMG, Game of Thrones had way too many sex scenes. I love the show, but it did remind me of The Tudors.

  2. Penelope says:

    I am going to call you today. Glad everyone is okay….yikes!

    You know, the original “blog” was an online personal journal. Yes, there are blogs that cater to the publishing industry, the craft of writing, the perils of promotion, etc etc. But the author “blogs” that are truly a daily journal (or weekly) give us a dynamic bio of our favorite authors. We get to know them, chat with them, laugh with them, commiserate with them. It’s really a unique way to connect with readers. I love that you discuss whatever is on your mind at the moment….zombies, undercooked chicken, history. It’s why your blog is different, fun and entertaining. But if you are feeling stretched too thin, do it once a week. Gail Carriger has a great entry once a week and covers steampunk fashion, history, updates about her writing, etc. Or, do it every other day. Or take the weekends off. Just enjoy it! It should be fun, missy!

    FUN! :)


  3. Stephanie says:

    Food poisoning sucks. Don had something similar with fever this weekend and yesterday. Let “son” know we are here to help if needed.

    Happy Cake! I have all your books so no need to enter me in the contest.

    I think you should keep the blog, but set a different periodicity to your posts, making it clear what days you will post and stick to that schedule, say 3 days a week. I know that two posts a day makes it hard to do anything else (looks toward painting studio-sighs).

  4. I’m glad everyone is going to be okay. And just to let you know, I loved “In the Flesh”.
    Happy Birthday to you.

  5. I hope your son is doing better.

    I want to say I like your blog. Everyone seems to be doing the exact same thing and there is just no variety anymore.

  6. Jaye says:

    Hola! So glad the boy will survive. I’m glad you don’t comment about flying, because flying scares me and flying horror stories give me nightmares.

    As for the blog thing, don’t know what to tell you. If you’re burnt out or bored, a break (small one, please?) might be the ticket. If you’re dissatisfied, maybe a new slant.

    We will definitely have to talk about the Hunger Games some time. The book struck a real chord with me.

  7. April Alvey says:

    Ouch food poisoning that dose suck ive had it before and it is not fun. The weather here in kentucky is really terrible we have been haveing bad storms and tornados then it get nice and warm then hot and now its back to cold again i cant wait for summer. All these weather changes has given me a nasty little cold.

  8. Tom Stronach says:

    Bless, but you are OK now and Son is going to be fine and Flying is great as is jumping out of them as well (allowing for minor incidents that leave you crippled for half a year, but that’s for another time) and I like your blog cos you’re a bit like a British sweet call Bassetts Liquorice All Sorts – You have a bit of every thing in here.

    But if you are unhappy with it, change away, after all it’s your blog


  9. Tom Stronach says:

    I liked the old Blog header too, but THIS IS YOUR PAGE

  10. Casey Wyatt says:

    I hope your son feels better soon. Food poisoning – UGH! As to the blogging, I only do it on Fridays (at the 7 Scribes and my own site) and every week, it’s a slog to come up with topics. I admire anyone who can blog once a day! And I enjoy your blog because you always have something fun, interesting or different to say. But, on the other hand, don’t let it drag you down. Cut back if you want. We all understand!

  11. Penny says:

    Love the new header!

  12. Thanks, Penny! The beginning!

  13. Thank you, Casey. I think it will still be pretty much of a daily endeavor because it’s a labor of love. Just need a little revamping – style and substance.

  14. Tom, you and most guys!

  15. Oh Tom, I think you’ll just get more of me on the blog – and no more jumping out of planes for you!

  16. Hi April – perfect name for a perfect month! You have had awful weather in Kentucky! Come back again!

  17. Hey Jaye – yeah, I fly but I sure don’t like it much. Hunger Games – the theme is disturbing, it’s the execution that disagrees with me.

  18. Thank you Savannah – and yes, we’re all doing it – one form or another, that’s for sure.

  19. I know you loved In the Flesh, Stephanie, and I love you for it. Thanks!

  20. Hope Don is feeling better, Steph. I think I’ll just sort of let my hair down a little. :)

  21. I’m good, Penny! Thanks for Spongebob! Love him!

  22. It did, Amber, it did – way too many gratuitous sex scenes!