I’m convinced. God is most definitely a man.

I arrived home terribly jet-lagged.  Hadn’t slept in nearly 48 hours.  Traveled for 12 of those 48.  Picked up the dog before the kennel closed ‘cuz hubby is out of town.  Washed all the bedding because I was terrified of ticks.  Fell into bed at 7 p.m. after telling the dog, “Come and wake me when you’re ready to lock up…” because Jake was lying out on the deck and yeah, let sleeping dogs lie.  And he’s really smart and understands enough English to know what I meant.

So Jake came upstairs and woke me at 9:30.  I locked up and slept until 5:30 this morning, and we were out on our hike by 6.

And thus I’ve spent the entire day seeking, finding, and pulling ticks off the dog, ticks he collected, not just this morning, but the entire 8 days I was away.  And these swollen blood-sacks are more disgusting than you can possibly imagine.  (Jake’s allergic to that tick repellent stuff.)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how I know God is of the male persuasion.  It would never occur to a woman to create a tick.

Tomorrow – photos and stories of my trip out East.  Many, many thanks to author Penny Watson and book blogger Steph of Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust fame for such a warm welcome.

***I looked up photos of ticks for this blog post, but they made me so sick I could not use them.  I am grossed out.***

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29 Responses to I’m convinced. God is most definitely a man.

  1. As you write, I’m trying to find the tick medicine for our border collie, Dottie. They are just nasty little creatures.

  2. Casey Wyatt says:

    Poor Jake! Poor you. Not too many bugs make me squeamish, but ticks are just vile! Every time, my husband and youngest son come back from camping, we always check for ticks. They totally gross me out! I hate the little buggers!

  3. Stephanie – I hate ticks and this is the worst year… ever! At least since we’ve been in California. I just keep finding them. Yuck!

  4. Oh, Casey – that’s a good way to describe ticks… vile. They are that.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thanks, It was our pleasure to have you here. Open invitation! Glad your home safe.

  6. Ray Plasse says:

    You think so little of us! My oldest son HATES ticks! Not my favorite living thing either!

  7. Amber Skyze says:

    Poor Jake. Our golden gets them more often than the labs because he’s the explorer of wooded areas. It was so great to meet you in person. Glad you’re home safe. :)

  8. Penelope says:

    Thank you for not posting a tick picture. *shudder* Lucy misses you! You have a new, licking-obsessive-compulsive #1 weenie dog fan!

  9. Jaye says:

    Welcome home, Julia! Yes, thank you for not posting pics of ticks. That is NOT what I want to see with my morning coffee. Poor Jake. Poor you! Tell Jake I said you need to give him an extra cookie for all his pain and suffering.

  10. Tom Stronach says:

    Welcome home my Luv, missed you

    mind you I am now thinking web search and gross photo blog with misleading title cos I’m in that kinda mood….. frivolous and naughty


  11. Oh that is just horrible…Poor dog and poor you for having to deal with all of that.Welcome back by the way…Glad you are home safe and sound.

  12. Thanks for the sympathy, Savannah. Went to another park today for a hike. Hopefully fewer ticks!

  13. Tom, there is never a time when you are not in that kinda mood! What a glorious tease! I still hate ticks.

  14. Thanks, Jaye. My other dog, Louie, hated ticks. He would freak out if he found a tick crawling anywhere. He actually became so sensitive to them that he would smell them and lead me to them. Jake just flat out hates ‘em.

  15. Yeah, Penny – made me want to puke when I looked at them. Give lickin’ Lucy a kiss for me!

  16. It was amazing to meet you, Amber! You are the most petite person! Like a little fairy with golden hair! You all have more deer ticks. We get the big suckers out here.

  17. Sorry Ray! My husband actually hates them and he prefers to let me pull them off the dog. They are gross!

  18. Thanks, Steph. And thanks for the great meal!

  19. Katalina Leon says:

    Ticks. Uhhhh! Hate them.
    XXOO Kat

  20. Totally, Kat! Hey, Amber is so excited to be working with you!

  21. Sandra Cox says:

    Nasty little buggers. Do you have one of those little tick scoops?
    Welcome back. We missed you.

  22. Ray Plasse says:

    Julia I am the handler of all things bug!!!!

  23. Hey, thanks for the welcome home, Sandra. Nope, use my fingers. That way I know I’m getting the head.

    You’re a brave man, Ray. My husband can handle ladybugs.

  24. anny cook says:

    Well, yuck. Do y’all have the deer ticks out there? Best wishes to Jake.

  25. Not many deer ticks, Anny. Lucky us! :)

  26. anny cook says:

    And maybe…you might check out my tick story on my Facebook page…

  27. I don’t know about a tick story, Anny. Might get sick…

  28. anny cook says:

    You might be surprised…

  29. Anny, send me the link. I’ll do my best.