Oh no you don’t…

You are not taking away my ketchup.  Has anyone else been paying attention to the overtly schizophrenic nutrition advice flooding the media?

Eat chocolate, it’s super healthy, but don’t eat sugar.  Cuz, uh, yeah, I could really go for a hunk ‘o’ that unsweetened baking chocolate right about now.

Eat blueberries, but blueberries have sugar in them… so don’t eat them.

Grapes are a superfood, oh wait, sugar… can’t eat them.

Wine, the French Paradox, but…sugar… better not drink it or eat like the French.  (Believe me, the French do not skimp on fat or sugar.)

Popcorn has more polyphenols and fiber than fruits and veggies so lets all eat air-popped unseasoned popcorn all day long.  Oh the yum of it.

Tomatoes are a superfood, but go through your pantry and throw away your tomato ketchup because the sugar hidden within the condiment is causing your diabetes… It’s a condiment, for criminy’s sake.  I think if you’re drinking a liter of ketchup every day you have bigger problems than your hidden sugar intake.  Besides… hidden sugar?  Hidden sugar?  It’s right there on the label. Keep your damn hands off my ketchup.  I need it for my asparagus, which is a healthy and fibrous green food, and my very occasional serving of French fries.  It ain’t gonna kill me.

I don’t think a couple tablespoons of ketchup is the cause of our dietary woes.  Nor are blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, anykindaberries, chocolate, grapes, sugar, honey, maple syrup, oranges…

Once again, the key when it comes to diet is moderation and variety.  I hate food pundits.  They jump right on any study, wag fingers, and then backpedal like crazy the instant the study results are refuted.

Hey, guess what?  The new superfood is Edam cheese.  Last year it was Jarlsberg.  The year before that?  Greek yogurt.  A person could go insane.

So, my philosophy?  Eat real food and read…. Beauty and the Feast… Coming Soon to a Kindle near you!  It’s all about the food, baby!  Complete with recipes.  More tomorrow!

Oh, go check out Chef John’s take on baby bamboo and asparagus.  Yum.

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19 Responses to Oh no you don’t…

  1. I love it when people talk about hidden sugar (here, lately, it’s been hidden SALT!). You’re right, it is in the label, and sure the label is kinda small, but that doesn’t really matter when the people who can’t read a nutritional label are the same people who can’t read a CLOSED sign in 200pt font. I don’t think the problem is that food companies are ‘hiding’ any kind of content. Mostly it’s just people don’t take responsibility for the food they eat.

  2. Tom Stronach says:

    You know, don’t you? You do know I Lurv You To Bits, you know that, right?

    But, see a bloody shrink and a physician about this unhealthy obsession with tomato sauce, for the sake of all that is holly and good on this wondrous planet, I’ll even teach you to make your own, in small quantities…….

    Otherwise a great read

  3. Amber Skyze says:

    Like you said, it’s all about moderation.

    I highly recommend Beauty and the Feast to anyone who hasn’t read it yet! :)

  4. Stephanie says:

    Beauty and the Feast is delish!

  5. Casey Wyatt says:

    Beauty and the Feast is my favorite Julia book! And no one is taking away my condiments. What’s next – mustard is evil? Geesh!

  6. Tom Stronach says:

    Oi! you know I love ya, right? You do know that, don’t ya

    BUT, you need to get over this obsession with ketchup, be a normal American for goodness sake, GO SEE A SHRINK….

    and stop ruining Asparagus with Ketchup


  7. Penelope says:

    1. Loved John’s post on the bamboo shoots…so cool!

    2. LOVED Beauty and the Feast, and the new cover!

    3. I was diagnosed with diabetes, but now my sugars are normal—and I don’t take any meds. Just through diet and exercise. And guess what? I eat blueberries, tomatoes, wine, chocolate, grapes, cheese, and yogurt. And I walk a lot. The key to diabetes control is PORTION control. If you eat 800 pounds of grapes, you’ll probably get diabetes. If you eat a small handful for a snack, you’ll be fine. ;)

  8. Katalina Leon says:

    Yes, the advice has been crazy! I saw the coronation and decapitation of “popcorn” a couple of weeks ago. According to yahoo it’s both the best snack in the natural world and the worst killer out there!
    Popcorn? come on pick on something else.
    I suspect Yahoo’s choosing food items randomly to write fake exposes about. Or Orville Redenbacker dropped its yahoo advertising right before the popcorn scandal hit…
    Ignore them. Don’t swallow yahoo “diet dangers” alerts, they’re not good for you. : )
    XXOO Kat

  9. I know, Kat, I know! Schizophrenic! I’m not even talking about yahoo. I’m talking about medical studies and nutritionists.

  10. Thanks, Penny. I’m very happy with the new cover as well. I’ll put up a blurb tomorrow. Isn’t John’s post cool??? It’s just great. Yes, we should all eat colorful foods and not worry and yeah – 800 pounds of grapes might just do it. Death by grape.

  11. Thanks, Casey. Yes, mustard. Quite toxic if eaten in excess, you know.

  12. Thanks, Steph. I think you’ll like the revised version. New and improved.

  13. Thank you, Amber! Good luck with all your lovely new contracts yourself!

  14. Ketchup, Tom. Ketchup. I love anything tomato-ey. Love it.

  15. Nailed it, Ciara – I could not agree more. My motto is just eat food.

  16. Everything is bad for you..I find it interesting how one day one thing is soooo good and a week later it is sooo bad for you…

  17. Yes, Savannah, exactly.

  18. Evie Balos says:

    Haven’t seen the advertising blitz on sugar. Most things in moderation is my rule. If you shouldn’t be consuming something for health reasons, then don’t. C’est simple. :-)

  19. Sandra Cox says:

    Its a conspiracy against sugar.