Raptors, Reincarnation, Free Books and Birthdays.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight–  I cried myself sick the day I turned 30 and I’ve refused to officially acknowledge any birthday since.  Are we clear?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to…

Beauty and the Feast.  It’s free from April 13th-April 17th.  So it’s free from my birthday to my anniversary.  Stream of consciousness here – you see… like the British Royal Family, my husband and I are related.  I know… don’t freak out.  We weren’t aware of this fact when we met, not that it would have mattered a lick.  Our grandfathers were some kind of cousins.  My grandmother, Jennie, also an Aries, took sort of a proprietary interest in our relationship.  Unfortunately, she didn’t live to see our reunion, so I scheduled our wedding as close to her birthday as I could as a tribute to her.  My husband and I were married on April 17th in the middle of a blizzard.  Everybody got stranded in Omaha for three days.  And, of course, my husband decided he didn’t want to live in the Midwest any longer.








I do believe in reincarnation.  I have my reasons, both logical and nonsensical, but isn’t that the way of things…  One of these lives, I’m coming back as a raptor.  When Jake and I were hiking in the rain a couple days ago, I caught this juvenile golden eagle balancing on a slender branch – the branch couldn’t have been more than an inch and a half in diameter, if that.  Oh these hollow-boned creatures!  I took some photos with my inadequate wet cell phone.  He let me get within 20 yards of him.  Yes, I am most definitely coming back as a hawk.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for me to come back as a hawk, feel free to visit my friends.

Jaye Manus has been holding my hand for weeks as we’ve worked on formatting and professionalizing (is that a word?) Beauty and the Feast.  We both wanted this book to look damn good as an ebook.  And I do believe we’ve succeeded.  Go read her boast post .  She deserves every boastful word.  She performed miracles with this book.

Author Penny Watson also has something to say about Beauty and the Feast.  She was the first person to fall in love with the original version.  It’s how we bonded– over food and sex!  This revised version is even better.  If you stop by her place on Friday, I believe she may have a few surprises for you (and read her 4/12 post while you’re there – great stuff).  Click here for the link.

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend.  Remember – FREE BOOK!  Click Here to upload Beauty and the Feast!  If I get ambitious, I’ll bake our traditional family birthday cake, for the birthday I don’t acknowledge – a whiskey cake.  It’s everybody’s favorite cake, but it’s not what you think.  I’ll take a photo for you.  Be good and thanks for stopping by!  Julia

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18 Responses to Raptors, Reincarnation, Free Books and Birthdays.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Happy Birthday Julia! I cried myself silly for 25…and I’ve never counted another birthday. lol

  2. Stephanie says:

    Loved Beauty and the Feast. Reviewed the “original.” Sexy and delish!

  3. Penelope says:

    They say it’s your birthday…????We’re gonna have a good time!

    You cried on your 30th? I keep telling people “I’m about 50″—I’m actually 45, but I like rounding up. I figure if I can’t be young and model-like, maybe they’ll think I’m old and wise. Gotta work it!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I re-posted my review for Beauty and the Feast. Do you realize we “met” each other just about 2 years ago?

  4. Katalina Leon says:

    Happy -we’re-not-calling-it-a-Birthday! I do hope the coming year brings you and your loved ones a lot of happiness and good memories.
    XXOO Kat

  5. anny cook says:

    Well, I embrace every birthday… turned 62 this year. Yay!!!! Because every year lived is a gift from God. Every day is a gift. Cherish them… Happy Birthday, woman!

  6. Casey Wyatt says:

    Happy Birthday Julia! I met you through this book as well. And it was the first book I ever reviewed. And you were my first guest on the Scribes! Have a great day! :)

  7. Jaye says:

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Julia!

    Happy anniversary, too, to you and the hubs. He sounds like a great guy.

    Now where’s my cake? And my party hat? And one of those obnoxious noisemaker thingies? Balloons! We need us some balloons!

  8. Still Happy Birthday….May the day bring you many special things.

  9. I’m so glad someone gets it, Amber! I was too busy at 25 to notice.

  10. Thanks, Steph! Beauty and the Feast is even devilisher now!

  11. Penny, you are the only person on the planet who rounds up. Little nut! Thanks, hon. Yes, I remember how we met. :)

  12. Thanks, Kat. The “Not-birthday”. I like it!

  13. Hi Anny – and a young 62 years you are! I do cherish every day, but birthdays? They scare me!

  14. I know, Casey! How totally cool! You, Penny and Stephanie all read Beauty and the Feast first.

  15. Sigh…Jaye, I’m baking a cake tomorrow. A post-birthday cake. I still have some chocolate cake in the freezer. Thank you!

  16. Thanks, Savannah! I hope so. I do like special things.

  17. Sandra Cox says:

    Happy birthday, Ms. Julia:)

  18. Thanks for visiting and the birthday wishes, Sandra!