An homage to my husband…

We’ve been apart for 18 days, which is the longest we’ve been separated since the kids were little.

Here’s what he’ll come home to….

The aroma of his favorite fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Homemade egg pasta with a pesto I made from wild leeks, spinach, roasted garlic, toasted pine nuts and Parmesan cheese.

A salad of our own just-picked garden greens and my own pickled asparagus.

A batch of salmon candy (it’s marinating as we speak).

I’ve trimmed the yard, planted the flowers, herbs and potatoes, pulled every tick from the dog, swept the basketball court free of debris after our wind storm, filled the house with roses (stolen from the neighbor’s yard but they’ll never miss them as they live in Europe and the house, although maintained, is empty 99.99% of the time), washed the sheets– again– shaved my legs, and treated myself to a spa day for a pedicure and a waxing of parts heretofore unmentionable.

(I first took a picture of my right foot but then I realized you would see my hideously deformed broken little toe… I mean, it’s bad enough that my toes are so long I can pick things up, monkey-style.)

I’m ready.

I’m such a feminist and a little wifey all at the same time.  The two are not mutually exclusive.  One is based on highfalutin principles, the other is based on love.


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26 Responses to An homage to my husband…

  1. Tracy says:

    *long, slow blink*

    Wow! Your husband is an exceptionally lucky man, and the two of your are blessed in your love.

    So…where can I get a wife like you???

  2. Ah Tracy… don’t we all need a wifey? I do love him!

  3. yoshi says:

    So many goodies to choose from, wonder what he will reach for first?

  4. Yoshi, I can only imagine…. :)

  5. Amber Skyze says:

    Awww, your reunion. :)

  6. Tom Stronach says:

    have a great day, but the length of those toes is disturbing, now sitting in a corner



  7. Stephanie says:

    That is a long time for you guys. What is salmon candy? If it’s pervy don’t tell me–Mom was right my mind is in the gutter. I read too much erotica. S

  8. Casey Wyatt says:

    You’re hubby is one lucky dude! I hope you have a fun “reunion”!

  9. Penelope says:

    Julia’s report card…..


    (How was the salad? It sound delish!)

    Welcome home, I!

  10. Katalina Leon says:

    OMG! Marry me! : )
    XXOO Kat

  11. Jaye says:

    I’m impressed. Your final comment should be made up into a poster.

    Welcome home, hubby! (not that you’ll have a moment to spare to see my wave of greeting, heh)

  12. In the late 6Os, MS. Magazine published the essay, “I Want A Wife” about how much more a woman could accomplish if she had a wife behind her, doing all the things she did for her husband. You are an excellent blend of feminist and happy homemaker, Julia!

  13. Marilyn – I’d love a wife! I bet I can still get that article online.

  14. I’ll tell him Jaye! Now I have to go look up my last comment… about feminism?

  15. You got it, Kat! I do!

  16. Thanks, Penny. He actually lands in an hour and forty minutes. The dog is going nuts because he’s somehow figured it out. I think it’s my parking that did it.

  17. No Steph, it’s salmon candy! Salmon marinated in soy and maple syrup and then dried into small pieces of jerky in my food dryer!

  18. LOL! Tom, you slay me! Yeah, all us girls in the family have long toes. It’s weird. Don’t stay in the corner too long!

  19. Evie Balos says:

    Those cookies made my mouth water! And don’t feel bad about your toe…I’ve had two bunion surgeries so my feets have never been perfect or pretty. Enjoy your reunion. :-)

  20. So many goodies await him..He is very lucky..

  21. Sandra Cox says:

    Hot chocolate chip cookies. Yum. Your toenails look great. Enjoy your reunion.

  22. Thanks for all your comments, Sandra. Yes, the cookies are perfect!

  23. I think so, Savannah! But then I think I’m lucky too!

  24. Thanks, Evie. My grandmother had bunions. I always thought of them as foot onions, don’t know why! I’ve heard the surgery is painful!