When God was passing out housekeeping genes

he skipped me.

I was thinking about this the other day – my daughter and I had a conversation about how much we both hate to clean, it’s fuckin’ drudge work (pardon my French), and it’s a never ending battle.  We agreed.  We’d rather fight zombies than dust.

Then I read this over at Jaye’s Must Love Fiction place and I laughed my ass off.  I’m not alone!  The cleaning gene skipped a bunch of us!

Yes!  “Zombie-killin’ is men’s work” Lori = Zombie Bait.  Come and git it, ya’ll!

Fresh meat!

I’d rather be–

Andrea Rocks!

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22 Responses to When God was passing out housekeeping genes

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Yup, skipped me too! :)

  2. Penelope says:

    “We’d rather fight zombies than dust.”

    I’d rather do anything than dust! Thank God for my cleaning crew…they break something in my house every week, but it’s still worth it. ;^)

  3. Jaye says:

    There are SOME people I know, who when the zombies come, will say, “All right! This is ridiculous. Who’s cleaning up this mess?”

    It won’t be me.

    I prefer the zen method of cleaning. All things have purpose. Dust has its purpose. It’s not for me to interfere with the purpose of another. Leave it be and marvel at the mysterious ways of the universe.

  4. anny cook says:

    Yep, he skipped me and gave my daughter, Jennifer, a double dose. Don’t know where I went wrong with that girl…

  5. Casey Wyatt says:

    Yeah, he forgot me too. The only time I find housework appealing is if I’m avoiding writing. But then I can always find something more fun to do in that case. Like find new, distracting television shows.

  6. Oh so glad I’m in good company here. Yes ma’am. That lovely goddess skipped me too. Got my mother, big time. And perhaps that’s why. I already gave at home growing up. In fact, my mother used to visit me in college, and brought her little trusty cleaning toolbox and her own vacuum before she walked through my dorm door. LOL. Dare I say I was a willful child?

  7. I think we all hate to clean..Well I know I do….

  8. Savannah, I actually know a woman who loves to clean. She gets up every morning at 4 a.m. and cleans.

  9. My mom too, Sharon. I earned my clean-free time after years of dusting and vacuuming.

  10. Hey, Casey – I do sweep! And I derive great pleasure from a clean kitchen and clean bathrooms. But dusting and vacuuming? Ew!

  11. Anny – LOL! My kids don’t like to clean either.

  12. I am now officially subscribing to your Zen method, Jaye. I am marveling at the dust beneath my bed as I write this…

  13. Oh good, Kelly! Apparently we’re quite a big group. :P

  14. Penny, you’d rather be sucked dry by a vampire! Me too!

  15. We’re twins, Amber! Noncleaning twins!

  16. Tom Stronach says:

    Oh, nice to know, we wont be a disappointment then!!!!!


  17. Darn tootin’ right, Tom! Don’t dust!

  18. Alana Tomlin Denton says:

    I HATE to clean. Worse than that, I don’t even NOTICE it’s dirty, but of course, the hubs does. Worse still? My mother-in-law lives and breathes to clean. She cleaned houses professionally until she retired, and she taught all of her girl offspring to clean. He really is with the wrong chick! My parents, they were more “free spirits”. We walked around the piles and cleaned for major holidays. We just grew up thinking that cleaning was something you did when you ran out of something (space, underwear, spoons, etc), and that it was more important to spend time with the people you love.

  19. sandra cox says:

    My damn maid doesn’t like it either. She never shows up:) grin.

  20. My mother was a cleaning fiend, Alana! I never got it – I was always put to work, which was probably good for me, but no matter how well I dusted, the house needed to be dusted again the very next day! I’d rather do other thing with my time.

  21. Sandra! LOL! I miss my golden retriever. She used to wash the floors for me!