Most very excellent news!

I am a Jamie Fraser lover.  There are some amazing romance heroes out there, like Marc Chastain from Kill and Tell, Gray Roulliard from After the Night, KMM’s Highlanders and Fae – but nobody beats Jamie.  He’s the quintessential romance hero, hands down, especially in the first book, Outlander.  (I never believed he’d marry that blond skanky bitch in a later book– not my Jamie.  I don’t care how lonely, he would nay hae done it!)

The news:  Ronald D. Moore, the brains behind the new BSG (Battlestar Galactica about which I am passionate) is adapting Outlander for television.  Oh yes!  Yes!  Yes!  This is orgasmic news!

Read the story here!

BSG had maybe a single less than stellar season, but for the most part the writing was first class and the character always rocked.  Some episodes were absolute perfection and many others came close.

Now… just cast Jamie with care.  Please.  The actor must live and breathe Jamie Fraser.


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12 Responses to Most very excellent news!

  1. Katalina Leon says:

    I really enjoyed BSG. This is wonderful news, any hints who might be cast as Jamie? Please keep us updated!
    XXOO Kat

  2. I saw this and was quite excited, so long as it isn’t stuffed up. I was bitterly disappointed when my all-time favourite books, Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, was turned into the abysmal Legend of the Seeker TV series. I haven’t seen BSG (on my ‘to watch’ list, which is longer, alas, than my TBR list), but I have heard it’s excellent, so here’s hoping.

    Out of curiosity, did you know there’s no novel called ‘Outlander’ in Australia? For whatever reason, it was released under the name ‘Cross-stitch’.

  3. I know, Ciara – but I don’t understand the cross stitch reference. Makes little sense to me. BSG is addictive. A few episodes are a little off but for the most part the writing is bight and shiny.

  4. This is as much as I know, Kat. I bet you’ll find out before me!

  5. Casey Wyatt says:

    Finally! They better not f-it up!

  6. Casey, we are in complete and total agreement!

  7. Diana Gabaldon wrote something about the CROSS STITCH. I posted something about the TV program the other day. While I am sure they will do something horrid to it, at least the effects are minimized. I had major fear when they were talking about a TV show for Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series; it features a 4 inch tall pixie as a major character and I just couldn’t see how a TV program could afford the effects to do that each week.

  8. OMG, can I freaking squee now..Yesssssssss

  9. Savannah… I know!!!

  10. Hi, Steph. Where’d you post this news and how ever did I miss it??? Since BSG was very good, I’m hoping the writing team can do right by Outlander. However, I can’t imagine how they will write beyond book two.

  11. Ciara Knight says:

    That is SOOOO amazing. I’m EXCITED!!!

  12. I know, Ciara. I’m totally stoked!