The Smoking Ruins.

“Jake will be fine after the apocalypse as long as he can still take a walk through the smoking ruins.”

So goes conversation in the Barrett household.

Hubby – “Did you see this article on Casilla?” (Our closer for the S. F. Giants.)

Me – “I watched him close.”

Hubby – “Schulman says Belt’s out was a blessing in disguise.”

Me – “How so? It was a short wasted fly ball. Nobody scored.”

Hubby – “Well he says if Belt hadn’t flied out then Romo would have come up to bat and Boche would have gone with Romo to pitch the bottom of the 10th and Casilla wouldn’t have been able to close it out.”

Me – “It was an iffy move.  I would have preferred Romo.”

Hubby – “But he says there’s nothing like a save to build confidence. And this should help Casilla from here on out.”

Me – “Schulman would be singing a different tune if Casilla had blown the save.”

Hubby – “But he didn’t.”

Me – “But he coulda.”

Hubby – “But he didn’t.”

Me – “This is one of those half-full kind of rationalizations you are always making, retroactively analyzing an event as if the outcome was predetermined.”

Hubby – “But that’s how one survives hard times, by being positive.”

Me – “No– one survives hard times by running and hiding.”

Hubby – “But after one stops running it’s important to remain positive.”

Me – “And this is how a new religion is born.”

Hubby – “The religion of rationalization?”

Me- “Yes.”

Hubby – “Sports can’t exist without the religion of rationalization.”

Jake, who is eagerly anticipating his hike, is looking from one of us to the other, worried now that we aren’t gonna go.

Me – “Don’t worry, Jake, you can run and hide with us.”

Hubby – “Yeah, he can come with us in the RV. Jake will be fine after the apocalypse as long as he can still take a walk through the smoking ruins.”

P.S.  Hubby – “Ichi will be fine after the apocalypse too as long as there’s still access to canned tuna.”

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15 Responses to The Smoking Ruins.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Never a dull conversation in your home. :)

  2. Penelope says:

    One of my favorite things to watch on TV is the sports shows with a panel of 4 or 5 guys arguing about 1) baseball, 2) football, 3) any kind of ball. Since I don’t give a crap about those sports, I find their impassioned analysis absolutely fascinating. It’s crazy!

    I’m on Team Jake!

  3. Tom Stronach says:

    I’m with Penny, we’re taking Jake for a walk; you two keep speaking gobbledygook

  4. After the apocalypse or just the zombie apocalypse? Either way, stock up on tuna.

  5. Because, Tuna is BRAINS food…..

  6. yoshi says:

    After the apocalypse I could care less about a little mercury toxicity. In fact if it was a nuclear apocalypse mercury laced tuna would be considered a health food as long as it was canned prior. As far as rationalizations go, I am with Jeff Goldblum’s character in The Big Chill- you can’t get through the day without a few juicy ones.

  7. anny cook says:

    Canned salmon…

  8. Your house never gets boring..

  9. Savannah – :P I know! It’s a good thing…

  10. LOL! Anny – smart!

  11. Yes, Yoshi – Jeff Goldblum’s character does issue one of the best movie lines ever written.

  12. Yes, the cat has a smart little brain, Steph and no mercury poisoning – we had him checked. Just a tuna addict. And the apocalypse? Any.

  13. Baseball, Tom, baseball. Think Field of Dreams. “People will come, Ray. People will most definitely come…”

  14. Oh Penny, but sports is such a happy place. Seriously, the world of sports, despite its scandals and its tragedies and its cheaters, is still a happy place.

  15. Amber, you may be the only person who knows what we’re talking about! :P