The Olympics = Girl Power

Once every four years women’s sports and female athletes get an opportunity to shine.

Men have the big time professional sports – and I’m an unapologetic fan – baseball, football, hockey, The World Cup… don’t really watch much professional basketball but I’m big on March Madness and college hoops and I love nothing better than a great Bowl game at the end of college football season.  (God, if you’re listening make Iowa not suck this year.)

Women get college teams.  If we’re lucky, we get struggling professional teams – basketball, softball, soccer.  Nobody pays much attention on a season by season basis – aside from the World Cup and the Women’s College World Series, which in my opinion is one of the greatest seasonal sporting events around.  Damn Olympic committee for eliminating softball.

It’s during the Olympics that women get to shine.  Gymnastics, track and field, soccer, volleyball, beach volleyball (yeah, like I really want to see guys playing beach volleyball – not), diving, judo, wrestling, weightlifting, swimming, (the swimming marathon was just brilliant), water polo, equestrian, fencing, archery, shooting – great stuff.  I even found synchronized swimming interesting this time around.

There have been so many wonderful moments during these Olympic games.  One of my favorites?  The female athlete running in one of the 800 meter qualifiers for Saudi Arabia, despite vicious condemnation from certain segments of the population in the nation she’s representing.  So she came in dead last?  So she has dual citizenship?  Who cares?  What a courageous woman.

Factoids – The U.S. sent more female athletes than ever before and U.S. women won more medals than men, including two-thirds of the gold medals.


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14 Responses to The Olympics = Girl Power

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    I was impressed with the Saudi woman. It definitely took guts.

  2. Tom Stronach says:

    Great post, and same here in the UK with so many women competing and winning a medal. Even those who didn’t come in the first three were cheered on.

    One can only hope that so many of our young girls and women saw these REAL girls and women competing and winning and being roared on by tens of thousands of cheering fans, that they will think that there is more to life than x-factor and pseudo celebrity-ism and they will be invigorated to go out and achieve great things in the future through hard work and dedication, rather than the fifteen minutes of embarrassment on a TV reality show ….

  3. Being a female athlete in any culture that restricts women’s rights can’t be easy.

  4. Penelope says:

    Oops! You forgot to include the Spice Girls…..

    I know that was just an oversight on your part. ;)

    The best part about the Olympics is that little girls all over the world are watching and saying “Hey! I can do that!” It warms my heart.

  5. The Saudi woman blew me away with her courage. She not only had to listen to the insults, she put herself out there as a target for the nut jobs of the world. I enjoy all the fantastic women’s sports at the Olympics, but I have to add, I loved the men gymnasts and the men’s water polo team.

  6. I agree, Stephanie – she took a huge risk. Guts. This year I actually loved water polo and men’s gymnastics. LOVED soccer!

  7. Yeah, Penny, cuz you know I just luv them Spice Girls! You’re right – that is the best part! All those little girls who want to do it too!

  8. Steph, Egypt fielded an excellent synchronized swim team – in bathing suits! They were one of the best teams in the finals.

  9. You had some great women, Tom. And I thought your male platform diver deserved Silver. He was robbed!

  10. Me too, Amber! Totally.

  11. It was amazing to see how the ladies showed the world their power..

  12. Casey Wyatt says:

    Oh my Julia! You are so right! I hope they inspire another generation of girls to follow in their footsteps. The Olympics were such a huge deal when I was growing up. Then again, we didn’t have all the distractions that we have today.

  13. It’s true, Savannah – totally – even in weightlifting!

  14. I still love the Olympics, Casey. If possible I like the Winter Olympics more than the summer, except for swimming. Oh, and I detest the figure skating judges. They are worse than the gymnastics judges.