I’m a rotten blogger.

Do you know how many interesting blogs there are out there?  Gazillions.  When I compare my blog, wow.  I’m such a bore-fest.

I don’t give writing advice.  I don’t give blogging advice.  I can’t format so we won’t have a discussion about formatting.  (J.W. is the accidental expert!)  I’m not going to tell you where, when and how to publish your books.  I won’t tell you if you shouldn’t publish your books.  I don’t review books for the most part, although I may mention a book now and then.  I don’t discuss how I write.  But if you really want to know…

I have a sense of my present because I know where I’ve come from– where I’ve been and what I’ve been.

All that gets processed in my head and ends up in a book.   Sort of like the Bolognese Sauce I’m cooking right now.

I try to make it flavorful.

But when I travel the blogosphere I realize just how boring I am.  Sorry about that. Right now even Jake thinks I’m boring.  Of course since I’m stuck in the house, he’s stuck in the house…

He’s so bored…



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23 Responses to I’m a rotten blogger.

  1. Tom Stronach says:

    Yeah, to boring so, good day to you

  2. Tom Stronach says:

    only kidding xxxx

    but you do manage to at least post something of interest to us every day which is more than I am capable of.

    And anyway my new idea for the day for you – Florida. No not to move there but when the Yellow Jackets die off or slumber or whatever it is they do over the winter get one of those pool insect keeper out cages that they have around the pool down there, installed around the garden. It will Keep out ALL flying beasties that you don’t mind, including birds, but the price may be worth it……. xxxxx

  3. Amber Skyze says:

    You can’t be too boring. We all come back everyday! :)

    Poor Jake and Julia. Hopefully the bees will be gone soon.

  4. Penelope says:

    One of the reasons your blog is NOT boring is because you comment on an interesting and eclectic mix of topics. We never know what’s coming up next. I like that!

    As to the boredom issue…why don’t you go out and rent all the movies on your bucket list you haven’t watched and check them out.

    By the way, I LOVED Stay. It was so romantic…I cried at the end. (sap!) And I loved the ranching stuff.

    Have fun with Jakey today!

  5. Diana Stevan says:

    Julia, you’re hardly boring. I love that you write from the heart. Your transparency is very attractive. There are tons of writing advice out there, so that’s covered. Your process is unique and the fact that you share that makes your blog interesting and inspiring. Have a great day!

  6. Jaye says:

    I’ve taken to calling dear Julia “The Prisoner.” She’s going stir crazy.

    Hang in there, doll. There IS light at the end of the tunnel. My rain dance half-worked. It poured all afternoon here. I’ll ramp it up. (I apologize in advance to everyone who gets flooded between here and Julia’s house)

  7. Since I’m a prisoner of the smoke in the area, your blog is keeping me save while I wait for clear air. Keep writing. ;)

  8. Hi Stephanie – do you mean sane or safe? I’ll take either! I am praying you like Stay. I stress about your reaction…

  9. I am Jaye – banging my head against the walls! Might, just might, rain next Tuesday. Oh please God let it rain!

  10. Thanks, Diana. Hope you’re feeling better! You have a great day too!

  11. Penny – you all are stuck listening to my stream of consciousness burbling – never know what’s going to come out of my mouth!

  12. Ack! No Tom. Not Florida. You know every damn alligator, snake, spider would come after me. I’m thinking Greenland. Or the Outer Hebrides.

  13. Casey Wyatt says:

    Boring?? Whatever are you talking about?? I enjoy your blog. In fact, yours is the only blog I read every day. I don’t even visit my own blogs every day! Jake is adorable and I hope the yellow jacket scourge dies soon so you can leave your house.

  14. Thanks, sweet Casey. There’s a slight possibility of rain next week. Oh please yes!

  15. Tim Dittmer says:

    Jeez, Louise! Didn’t somebody just tell me not to compare stats? I kinda took that to mean something like: “Be your own self!”. An awful lot of people (Yes, I’m putting myself in that group) like your blog because it’s you… and you’re real.

    Be safe.

  16. Hey Tim, what can I say? I’m going stir crazy here! Thanks sweetie! :)

  17. Sandra Cox says:

    Your blog boring? I don’t think so……….

  18. To me you are a wonderful blogger. It is you and unique. People get tired of the same stuff over and over and I adore your blog.

  19. Thank you, Savannah! Who knows… I may start writing an advice column! :P

  20. You boring? Never! No me, I am boring. especially since my feeds still are not straight. Really, if anyone knows about this stuff please contact me and I will pay you.

  21. Oh heck, Steph, I can be plenty boring – but thank you. Good luck with your RSS feeds. What a pain!