Turnabout: Why I will renew with KDP Select.

A few months ago, I’d discussed the possibility of removing my books from KDP Select and offering them via all outlets.

Face Plant.

Not gonna happen.  Amazon is the best place to sell indie work, hands down.  On other sites indie books (unless your work is extreme erotica or flat out porn) end up in the land of the lost, disappeared, especially niche books.

Until such time as indies get more visibility via other outlets, Amazon KDP Select it is.

May not be right for you, but it’s right for me.

In the meantime, I’m considering a print run of Beauty and the Feast.  Stay tuned!

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13 Responses to Turnabout: Why I will renew with KDP Select.

  1. Charlee says:

    Sometimes it feels like things are moving slow, but when you think back just a few years it is really incredible how things have evolved! Hopefully the others will catch up to the big river soon, but I think for now you’re right–it has the biggest reach and the best options for indies.

    Ps – It is great to see so much of your work available now!

  2. Thanks, Charlee – yeah, it is interesting.

  3. Amber Skyze says:

    For me, Amazon is the place I sell the most. Though I do get a good amount of sales with Sony, through Smashwords. I can see your point though.

  4. Tim Dittmer says:

    Thanks for posting this, Julia. One of the many questions we mull over. I agree with you, by the way… for now. But as Charlee says, things are changing fast. Hang on.

  5. Katalina Leon says:

    No doubt Amazon is still the best, but my backlist sells well on Sony and Kobo too and I’d hate to lose them.
    XXOO Kat

  6. My backlist with Siren sells very well via other outlets too, Kat. I think pubbed books have more visibility than indies because buyers are familiar with the pubs and already know what and who they are looking for.

  7. I agree with you and Charlee, Tim, but for the time being Amazon makes the most sense. And the most cents.

  8. Amber – I do get big sales for my Siren books from other outlets, but that’s Siren. My indies weren’t even a speck of dust when I listed them before.

  9. Juli says:

    Amber that’s good to hear about Sony. Honestly, that’s why I wrangled with Smashwords *headdesk repeatedly* to get mine in their site. I’m a Sony reader owner. Got that before I got the Kindle and what can I say? I like the idea of having my work out there for as many people as will want to buy it.

  10. Sandra Cox says:

    Go for it. Its not that hard and the author’s copies are very reasonably priced.

  11. Sound good, Sandra!

  12. Yes, Juli, Smashwords and I are not on friendly terms.

  13. Tom Stronach says:

    Good luck my sweet…..