The Walking Dead Season Premier- more questions than answers…

which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I simply haven’t yet decided if it’s a good thing.

Maggie the Zombie Slayer


We missed a lot.  Seriously, I’m missing a lot of information here.  The writers skipped over the entire winter,  leaving us in the dark as to how the small group survived. Herschel did mention something about running from house to house, but other than Lori looking a might peaked– (What else is new?)– everyone appeared too well fed to have spent months living hand to mouth.  While characters have obviously changed, as in Carol can now shoot a gun and Maggie is channeling Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, there was no indication of how the group came to terms with the following:

a.  Shane’s murder and Rick’s culpability.  For the good of the group?  Self-defense?  One has to wonder…

b.  The certain knowledge they will all become walkers when they die.

c.  Rick’s word = The Law.

In other words, last season ended with such a powerful scene, every character horrified and traumatized by Rick’s multiple revelations… Yeah I killed Shane (my best friend and father of my wife’s baby).  Yeah, we’re all gonna be walkers when we die and I’ve known for quite some time.  Yeah, I’m the boss of you so shut yer dang pie holes.

Only Lori seems troubled, but casting frequent concerned glances at Rick just doesn’t cut it for me.  Without Shane to add tension to the relationship I’m not really feeling it.

Yes, there was a somewhat humorous and suggestive tete a tete between Daryl and Carol, although I wasn’t certain how seriously to take it or how far they’ve taken it– which is too bad because I like Daryl and Carol together and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them.  Unfortunately during the conversation Carol tossed off a thoughtless insult about my dearly departed Shane.  If that’s all Carol has to say about the man who kept them alive for months, the man who stopped Carol’s husband from beating her and beating her daughter… very out of character.  Although I did think it was hilarious when she almost shot Rick.  Passive aggressive or an accident?

*** An Addendum:  Carol said – and I may be paraphrasing – “I doubt Shane could have gotten us this far.”  A fallacious argument if I’ve ever heard one.  While it’s true Rick has taken on some of Shane’s qualities, i.e., he’s grown a thicker skin and he’s ruthless, at least to all (superficial) appearances, he lacks Shane’s pragmatism, intelligence, instinct and cunning.  (I’m going to use a lot of ‘head’ references here- Rick doesn’t think ahead, he tends to blunder headlong into situations where he finds himself in over his head.  Rick is still ‘proper’ and ‘prideful’.   Shane, for instance, would order everyone to eat the dog food.  He’d say – “We’ve eaten worse.”  In fact I doubt there would be any hesitation among the group.  I would bet under Shane’s leadership they would have resorted to pet food on many occasions because it was available and they have a pregnant woman to feed.  Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.  In a catastrophe human beings have eaten all kinds of things to stay alive.

I meant to put up this link to Marina’s Zombie Report, her take on the season opener.  Check it out, it’s great!

Glen and Maggie are cute together – I give their scenes two thumbs up.

The episode featured lots of blood and gore, always a plus for a big segment of the viewing population, although I’m left wondering why there are so many walkers.  Even if you have a functioning brain stem, body parts will begin to fall off after a while.  See?  Questions.  As in why do those riot police still in full riot gear look pretty darn healthy for walking dead?

Dear Rick (and writers), as a nurse I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the following… chopping off Herschel’s leg with an ax will not stop the infection from spreading since it had already spread throughout his bloodstream by the time you dragged him into that room.  Besides, how do you plan to cauterize the wound?  You don’t have a way to stop the bleeding and you don’t have any antibiotics so all I can say is… a hair-brained scheme if I ever saw one.  Just about as hair-brained as saving that kid, hauling his ass back to the farm, wasting time and effort saving his leg, and then deciding to kill him.  I’m quite fond of Herschel but you shoulda just shot him in the head.  Would have been kinder.  Even if he doesn’t become a walker he sure as shit ain’t gonna outrun ‘em.

On the one hand the season opener was entertaining, on the other hand, something was missing and it wasn’t just Shane.  Rick can’t carry the show for me, he’s too stupid.  Note to Rick’s asinine brain… If dog food is the only thing available you eat dog food.  Beggars can’t be choosers, oh glorious leader.  Daryl, in his previous incarnation, would have given Rick a well-deserved smackdown for that bonehead move.


On the other hand, I’m already loving Andrea and Michonne.  Here’s to hoping Andrea and Michonne enliven Season Three.


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17 Responses to The Walking Dead Season Premier- more questions than answers…

  1. Tom Stronach says:

    See, I told you half way through series 1 that it would all fall apart although Michonne looks as if she might be able to lop Rick’s asinine head off if he comes out with any more idiot idea’s, like not eating available nutrients. xxx

  2. andy holloman says:

    i agree there were some strange moments, that whole thing w/ hershel was shocking, and not well planned, but i cut them all some slack as much must be done w/ no time to plan, i also luv the thingy w/ carol and darryl, they are cool together, i hope they explain more about whats up w/ rick and laurie, i think this new location (prison) sets up a good dynamic….lets hope that more comes out about what transpired over the winter for both groups (the main one, and andrea/michonne) and boy-oh-boy is there gonna be some action when laurie gives birth, you can bet that’ll be packed with surprises….hey – maybe rick’s quick thinking spared hershel and now his office will be open for baby deliveries, although it ain’t quite like deliverin’ calves, now is it? (or maybe it is?) ….. LOVE THAT SHOW!!

  3. Jaye says:

    I didn’t get to see the show this week. Maybe next week. I feel so left out… :(

  4. Tom Stronach says:


    Lurv Ya xxx

  5. But if you have cable, Jaye, you can catch up! It’s worth it. I am a little concerned the show may jump the shark this season. Dang it!

  6. Not total Shite, Tom. Andrea is still cool!

  7. I’m addicted, Andy, but that scares me because so many great shows end up tanking!

  8. Penelope says:

    I haven’t watched the show yet. And you know I’m on Team Ricky-poo. However, what do you think about this idea? Since Dale died last season and Shane…now Rick has absorbed some of their attributes…Dale’s concern about their loss of “humanity”….not eating dog food, even if you’re starving to death. And Shane’s ruthlessness? I am reaching here? Maybe. I’ll try to catch the episode this week.

  9. Autumn says:

    I wish they’d covered the intervening winter, as well. Still, they had to account for Carl looking older, and god for-BID they can’t put the women in tanktops as often as possible! I love/d the graphic novels, so it’s interesting seeing what they are taking from those (even changed, like going Dale getting bit to it being Hershel) and what they are not.

    Some thoughts about why it’s changed from last season to this: first and foremost, the loss of Frank Darabont (the original producer) was devastating. His vision kept much closer to Kirkman’s. Second is AMC: they cut budgets, requiring scenes to be 50/50 indoor and outdoor (indoor scenes are cheaper to shoot). By hurrying them into the prison, they save $ for other effects.

    Either way, I’m iffy on this season, no matter how much I currently love the show. It’s going to be difficult to please the ones who like the fact that the GNs and the original show were NOT about the zombies–they are about people and how they change under a major stressor– and those who want skullmunchin’ from beginning to end.

    P.S. Agree totally about the dog food. My mamaheart wanted to smack Rick’s face right off his head when he took that away from Carl. No decent parent would EVER do that to a hungry child, writer-of-that-crap-scene. EVER.

  10. You’re reaching, Penny honey. Nope, Dale would have insisted they eat the dog food. Cuz it keeps humans alive! He would have pulled Rick aside and lectured him about Lori and Carl’s need for nutrition. Hey, Carl, the kid everyone loved to hate last season, is way smarter than his pop!

  11. ICAM, Autumn – Darabont was a huge loss! HUGE! And if you’re correct about budget cuts, as I suspect you are, the depth of writing could really suffer. The best thing about the show, for me anyway, hasn’t been the zombie killin’– altho that’s a plus. It’s always been about the survivors. How do you survive something like this and why would you want to? What’s the reason to go on? That’s the biggest question of all. Oh, I know… Rick deserved a good solid smacking and nobody said a word.

  12. Autumn says:

    EXACTLY! The exploration of the human psyche is the most interesting part. Having flesh-eating monsters as part of the equation is just a bonus!

    I’m not amongst the Rick-haters (though he is a stronger character in the GNs), but I was a bit disappointed in him on this epi. Douchey does not equal strong. The
    equivocating last season got a bit tired, but I liked that he at least attempted to retain some semblance of humanity. Not anymore.

  13. Hey Autumn – I’m a semi-Rick hater. He can’t seem to decide who or what he wants to be. His toughness is a pretense. But I will tell you – no father in that situation would grab a can of dog food from his hungry child and throw it against the wall. The can of dog food, not the child…

  14. Marina Bridges says:

    Hi Julia! I’m late to the party, but I’m here. So I been thinkin’ (*glares at shouts of laughter from the audience*) about the now infamous We Don’t Eat Dog Food incident and The Walking Dead in general. The comments here about Shane and survival and more Shane crystallized my thoughts. I think this season is going to be a lot about attempts to rebuild civilization and what all of that means. Survival doesn’t have many rules, but civilizations do have rules. That’s what makes them civil and shit. Of course I could be totally wrong. But I think that the show was trying to show us, clumsily, that it’s moving past “We eat whatever we find” to “We need to find us a cave to boink in because we is tired of not being picky.” I can totally deal with it, if that is the case. Cavemen movies are fun for a while. But, Autumn is right that zombie tales are really about human interaction. I eagerly look forward to watching Rick and the gang worship at whatever kind of Hello Kitty temple young Carl erects.

    Thanks for plugging my blog!

  15. Misguided, Marina. Misguided. I view tossing the dog food as an example of Rick’s stupidity. Possibly the writers want to illustrate that Rick, in his own weird way, is trying to hold onto whatever he can of our pre-zombie world. Which is why I miss Shane. He understood, to the depths of his soul, just how the world had changed and how we had to adapt in order to survive. Of course all this was before the blatant Character Assassination of Shane began…
    I’ll plug you anytime!

  16. Mat Nastos says:

    I think they did the “leg cut off” scene because it was in the comics at about the same point in the prison story (as they were cleaning it out). In the comic, Kirkman does the leg-cut-off thing twice because he seemed to think it was such a good idea. :/

    I can’t stand Rick, Carl or Lori and really think the show would be better off without them. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of Rick/Carl in the comics, either.

    The thing I’m most wondering is when is T-Dog going to become more than just a cipher character. There’s been nothing to him since the bits with Darryl’s brother in season 1.

  17. Hi Mat – I’ll cut the graphic novel some slack – they may or may not understand or maybe it doesn’t matter. But IRL wouldn’t work. To take that a step further it has always struck me as odd that they don’t all become zombies due to zombie blood splatter – into eyes, onto mucous membranes, into cuts, open sores (which you would have if you’re malnourished).
    Rick and Carl drive me insane. INSANE. Both versions, graphic novel and television. Rick is just too stupid for words and Carl is a chip off the old block.
    Lori’s easy to hate, but then with Lori whenever she opens her mouth some banality comes out. Idiot.
    I have to agree with you about T-Dog. Give him a role or kill him. He could be a leader. He has a functioning brain. I actually like him a lot.