Well, and so it begins again.

The Evernight Birthday Blog Tour is done – many thanks to all who commented and tweeted.  I’ve submitted your email addys to Evernight so you can be entered in the drawings.  On Monday I’ll announce the names of the winners of Come Back To Me – one hard copy (U.S. residents only) and one copy from Evernight or, if you have a Kindle, from Amazon.

This has been a busy baseball week.  Writers do lots more than write.  I’m baseball obsessed, sometimes I like football.  Weird as it sounds I’m a Steelers fan.  There’s just something about that team…

In the meantime, both Beauty and the Feast and My Everything are free for your Kindle through Saturday.  Run, don’t walk…

Nice to be back.  I’ll probably grow more wordy as the days go by.

Coming soon-


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8 Responses to Well, and so it begins again.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Baseball season ended in June for me. lol

    Funny I’m a huge 49ers fan. Hubby is a Pats fan. We going to the Pats/49ers game in Dec. Should be an interesting time. :)

  2. Love baseball and football and I really loved Stay. You nailed life on the ranch, and the story between Syd and Lucas is lovely.

  3. Thank you, Stephanie. High praise coming from you! I do so love baseball.

  4. Hi Amber – I’m a big 49ers fan too, but I’ve loved the Steelers since I was a little girl. Don’t exactly know why. I think it was Franco Harris!

  5. sandra cox says:

    Wow! Nice giveaways.

  6. I can’t wait to read the new book…I don’t really watch baseball…

  7. Yeah, Sandra, Evernight is giving away some great prizes.

  8. Thanks, Savannah! You have some excitement in your life!