What’s a woman supposed to watch after the WORLD SERIES?

I’ve lost all interest in The Walking Dead, Season Three.  Sorry, Barbara.  It IS SO NOT working for me this time around.  What a heart-breaker.

To jump the shark in television terms:  The moment when a show is no longer worth watching due to a very contrived episode. The term comes from the Happy Days Hawaii miniseries.

It was tragic when True Blood lost its magic -which happened for me during the All Maryann All the Time slog through Season Two.

The All Maryann Channel

Ah well.

Firefly never got the opportunity to jump the shark.  A mixed blessing.

Jayne – my favorite anti-hero

Battlestar Galactica occasionally sagged a little, but I could get past a somewhat lackluster episode because even if the action sputtered, there were still moments of subtle interaction, character growth, birth, rebirth, and death – moments that made the show worth watching.

So far this second season of Person of Interest has been stunning~ If anything, the second season is more engrossing than the first.  Good writing.  Accept no substitutes.

Here is what I’m about to embark on, in terms of a cutting age television adventure (have to watch via Hulu)~

FAITHLee Min Ho stars in a thrilling fantasy epic, as an elite warrior in 1300′s Korea who travels to the 21st century to find a doctor capable of healing the Queen. In a comic twist, his search for a doctor with godlike abilities leads him to a popular plastic surgeon, played by Kim Hee Sun. When she refuses to believe his outlandish story, he kidnaps her, dragging her back into the past to save the Queen. Will this stoic warrior give up his code of honor and choose love over war, and will this career woman ever consider a life less modern? Only time will tell, quite literally.

I’m excited, subtitles and all!

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6 Responses to What’s a woman supposed to watch after the WORLD SERIES?

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Person of Interest definitely has great writing this season.

  2. Penelope says:

    You know a series has jumped the shark when you’re…

    A) bored sh*tless watching a zombie show.


    B) laugh your arse off when something is supposed to be scary. (final scene of last episode)…..Oy vey!


  3. Penny – your description of that head in a jar… priceless! I keep thinking of The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horrors.

  4. I don’t watch tv much, although once the power came back on I watched CNN for a while. That’s how I read so much!

  5. You’ve really had some interesting weather, Steph. So what’s up with True Blood? Your summaries are much better than watching the actual show. :)