A Couple Days Off.

Sorry.  I’m still not back in the swing of things – I’ve missed you and I’m pretty dang sure I’ll find a new normal.  I’m taking the next day or two off to get a few things done.  However, by the time you read this Daughters of Persephone, Book One Exile, will be FREE!  And Daughters of Persephone, Book Two Return, will be available!  (I hope!)  Go for it!

Click on the above titles for the links.  (As of this post still waiting for Book Two to go live.)

The Lady Ennat, has been sent by her mother to Resistance Commander, Karna Aram for protection. She is a Blood decoy. Her role is to protect her sister Aja, the Thousand Year Empress. She must draw the bulk of the Coalition forces away from the Resistance fighters. From the beginning she’s known she may not live to see tomorrow, yet despite her misgivings she finds herself drawn to Commander Aram.  

Karna Aram wanted the woman from the moment she set foot on his supply depot, but nobody touches a Princess of the Blood. He resists his bone deep desire until Ennat challenges him to pick up a sword and spar with her. All bets are off.  Karna has a different kind of sword play in mind.

When the Ennat and her sister, Aja, are reunited, they know the Coalition is coming after them.  They must risk all to save their devoted fighters and the men they love.



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9 Responses to A Couple Days Off.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Enjoy some time to yourself. Hugs.

  2. Penelope says:

    Going to tweet your freebies. Feel better!

  3. Relax and recuperate. Thanks for the freebie.

  4. Jaye says:

    Welcome home, Julia.

  5. Probably not on-topic, but the cover to RETURN is really striking.

  6. Thank you, Mat! I’m so happy with these covers!

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed the free book and bought the second in the series. Now of course, I wonder when book 3 will be available

  8. Hi Tania. Thanks! Proofing as we speak.