I have this vision of spontaneously combusting…

I’m experiencing one of those episodes when I feel out of control.  Not just a little out of control, a whole lot out of control.

Oh yikes.

My dreams have been insanely vivid, totally crazy, my waking hours equally crazy, my dog scraped up one of his pads chasing after a hawk – yeah, like he was really gonna catch him.  The hawk found the whole thing hilarious.

Oh shit, someone will probably come and remove Jake from my home due to my poor oversight as his guardian.

I went to the grocery store three times this morning to buy sugar.  I forgot to buy sugar all three times.  I still need sugar.  Have to get all my holiday baking done this week between trips to Oregon.

I am going to make – Melt In Your Mouth Cookies, Heart Attack Bars (sorry dad~ but at least you didn’t have a heart attack), Chocolate Cherry Cookies, Chocolate Croissants and two Chocolate Sheet Cakes.

I’ve got to get a week’s worth of meals made for my parents, and I should probably double up on that so my family has food to eat while I’m traveling back and forth.

Um, I’m worried my hair will start to fall out, or go pure white, or something.

My husband’s birthday is 12/12/12 and we’ve had a house on hold in Monterey, right on the beach, for an entire week – room for all of us – where we can celebrate and party hearty.  I’ve been planning this since his last birthday.  We’re taking a private behind-the-scenes tour of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, maybe some of us will enjoy a day of golf, and whale watching, and scuba diving, and sailing, and kayaking – all the stuff we love to do.  Fingers crossed that I get to be there.

This is what I looked like a month ago:

Me, a month ago.

This is what I look like now:

Me, now.




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18 Responses to I have this vision of spontaneously combusting…

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Awww, sweetie. I feel your pain. Aside from an ailing parent I’m going through craziness. I can’t claim to have looked like Angelina a month ago though. ;) I know you certainly did.
    Hopefully this will all settle down soon and you can enjoy your time away for hubby’s b-day.

  2. Tim Dittmer says:

    Pretty cheeky, the way some people insist on being born during the holiday season. The pet police have questioned me about your guardianship skills. I covered for you, but you have to promise to improve. Also, you really should cook enough cookies for any people you meet in your mad dash who happen to like them. Oh, and coffee to go along with the cookies. Surely you can come up with some kind of delivery system, and I don’t mean throwing it out the car window as you streak down the freeway.

    Jeez Loweez, lady. Take a breath.

    Did you get the sugar yet. ;-)

  3. Penelope says:

    Deep Breath!

    I like the after picture. You look great! Remember, be selfish and do some fun things for yourself or you’ll go banana nut crunch cray cray. Those cookies sound yummy.


  4. You make croissants??? Yummy. And I’ve done the sugar thing. Almost weekly.

  5. Jaye says:

    I discussed your trials and tribulations with my dogs. About Jake they said, “Go for height, not distance, it’s the only way to catch a hawk.” As for your baking, they said, “Cookies? Cookies! COOKIES! COOKIES! COOKIES!”

    I fear my dogs are no help at all.

    Hang in there, kid. Even Cruella has the occasional good hair day. :D

  6. Katalina Leon says:

    I the Ray Bradbury quote “In the end I saw that love was the answer to everything.”

  7. Diana Stevan says:

    I have those kind of days, too. Understandable that you’d be having them given your worry about your dad and being far away from him. Life does give us challenges. Hang in there, enjoy your time in Monterey, such a beautiful spot. Best of wishes to your hubby. And hope your dad’s struggles get resolved and he comes out of it in good shape. Hugs, Diana

  8. Thanks, Diana. So you have those hair tearing days too? ;)

  9. Love is the answer, Kat. Thanks for the reminder, sweetie.

  10. Ha! Jaye, dogs do love cookies, don’t they? For Jake it’s all about distance. He’s no frisbee dog. Louie was a excellent frisbee dog. Jake likes the Hail Mary pass.

  11. Yes, Marie, I do. Easy peasy. Oh that sugar thing is driving me nuts!

  12. I look great in the after picture, Penny? You’re too kind! :P I hope I have time to make the cookies.

  13. Thanks for covering for me, Tim. I promise I’ll do better next time. Yeah – got the sugar last night. It’s still in the car.

  14. Hi Amber! I do think Angelina is the most beautiful woman around. I wish I looked like her! Cruella Deville is more my natural state. ;)

  15. Try to just take it easy…tune out as much as you can and focus on you for a moment..lots of hugs

  16. Thanks, Savannah – the saving grace with my family? We laugh at the stupidest stuff. All the time.

  17. Enjoy the aquarium. It’s awesome. We visited a few years ago with a friend who teaches diving in the Bay.

  18. Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by. I love the aquarium!