A Hike with Wild Fungi.

Pretty sure this is a Death Angel. Growing out of an egg. Bad sign.


A cluster of Death Angel mushrooms. Note the egg…

Oyster mushrooms.

Cluster of baby Oysters.

I’m stumped. Literally.

Possibly a blurred image of a Candy Cap. Not certain. Could be Big Foot.

Maybe Witch’s Butter? Along with something else?

Jake and I were hiking at our favorite park.  The mushrooms are everywhere this year.  I will only harvest two types because I can only identify two types with any certainty – True Morels, which are not common here, and Oyster Mushrooms, which are very common.  That’s it.  Nothing else – definitely not those very pretty and very deadly white mushrooms.

*I wouldn’t recommend harvesting and eating any mushroom unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.*

They do make for some lovely photos though.

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14 Responses to A Hike with Wild Fungi.

  1. Tim Dittmer says:

    Hunting morels is a big thing here in Michigan.

  2. It was in Iowa too, Tim. But not out here. Maybe right along the coast.

  3. Tom Stronach says:

    Great photos, apart from the blurry one, some form of quality control called for before you post images like that, sheesh……….

    Love, love , love mushrooms, but like you terrified to pick in case I get it wrong, mind you, when cooking I always use Ishbel as the official taster, to see if I am getting it right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only kidding xxxxx

  4. Amber Skyze says:

    OMG you did catch a photo of Big Foot. ;)

    I’ll bet Jake was a happy boy hiking again.

  5. Penelope says:

    I hate mushroom season! Lucy runs outside and bolts down every damned mushroom, poisons herself, and then I have to take her to the emergency vet’s office for a mere $2000 bill.


    Your photos are lovely and I’m sure Jake has a much bigger brain than Lucy and would never attempt to do something that idiotic. ;^)

  6. Steve’s family used to mushroom in the mountains of Idaho. We’ve gotten out of the habit. They were so good.

  7. Katalina Leon says:

    Ha ha, I think the “stump” mushrooms are psilocybin cubensis, but I wouldn’t risk my guess.
    I love the flavor of Oyster Mushrooms and order the easy grow box kits from Paul Stamets Fungi Perfecti website. My sister is using Paul’s immune system boosting mushrooms during her chemo therapy and it’s helping her so much.

  8. Both my grandparents and my cousin and her husband had eaten the wrong mushroom and nearly died. I had some fresh morels in France though and they were amazing.
    You’re so outdoorsy. S

  9. Scary, Steph. I do love fresh morels too. We gathered them every spring in Iowa.

  10. Oh Kat, too funny! Only you! I hope your sister does well. Mushrooms are definitely immune boosters.

  11. Hi Stephanie. My daughter and her husband pick one kind in Montana. I haven’t tasted them yet.

  12. Ah yes, Penny… Lucy! The little food-loving dog! Jake ignores them.

  13. Tom, you make me laugh. I’ve used ‘Oscar’ as a taster too! Evil aren’t we?