I’m a grown-ass man!

For my friend, author Tim Dittmer, with whom I watched the World Series via twitter.  We won – He’s Detroit, I’m San Francisco.

Anyway… A football quote for Tim Dittmer, because ‘ass‘ goes well with everything -

From the San Francisco Chronicle, December 23rd -

Allen Showing a Propensity to Go For It, byline Vic Tafur

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton finished with 171 passing yards, 60 rushing yards and the lasting impression that maybe his early-season pouting was a result of more than immaturity and dealing with losing. He is not a very nice winner, either.

He angrily confronted referee Jerome Boger and drew a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct in the fourth quarter. Boger announced that Newton had bumped him – which should lead to ejection – but after the game, he said he meant to say Newton “disrespectfully addressed him.”

“The words that I said were very disrespectful and I apologized to him during the game, but I’m going public and apologizing again,” Newton said. “It was something in the heat of the moment.”

Newton didn’t apologize for kicking Tommy Kelly after a sack, saying he was “just trying to get up as fast as I can to the next play.” (The next play, by the way, was fourth down.)

Kelly then shoved Newton in the face and was called for unnecessary roughness.

“Yeah, he kicked me,” Kelly said. “I wasn’t fixing to take that. I’m a grown-ass man.”

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/raiders/article/Allen-showing-a-propensity-to-go-for-it-4142467.php#ixzz2G65iDG5B

There you go, Tim.  Now I expect you to add an ‘ass‘ to everything you write.

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10 Responses to I’m a grown-ass man!

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Well…he sure is a grown-ass man. LOL

  2. Tom Stronach says:

    I have no idea what just transpired although I deduced that a probably overpaid mediocre sports person took part in some ungentlemanly conduct, what’s new, and has been adjudged to be an ARSEHOLE again, I ask, what’s new?


  3. Yep, ass makes any derogatory word just that little bit better. And some non-derogatory word.

  4. Tim Dittmer says:

    A big-ass smile from a growed-ass man to you, Julia. ;-)

    Had to toss in a little Gary, Indiana color.

  5. Love it, Tim! You do know how to use your ass!

  6. It does indeed, Stephanie!

  7. Snippy quarterback, Tom. Very snippy.

  8. Sandra Cox says:

    Grown ass man. Hmm. That’s hard to top. I’ll have to think on that.

  9. I know, Sandra, but I’m betting you can find a word to combine with ass! ;)

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