Warning – Slide Show Ahead…

Don’t you just hate your neighbor’s slide shows?

A seahorse- looks like a sea salad.

Amazing seahorse!

Beautiful seahorse.

Pregnant daddy seahorse.

Cute seahorses.

Hiking at Big Sur.


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19 Responses to Warning – Slide Show Ahead…

  1. anny cook says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love the seahorses. Beautiful. Thanks for a little ray of sunshine on a snowy day.

  3. Katalina Leon says:

    Thank you for bringing a ray of sunshine! I think you’re beautiful.

  4. Thank you sweet Kat! Missing a couple of the kids who ran on ahead!

  5. Hi Stephanie. I do love seahorses. Snow, huh? I know the ranchers in Montana need a snowy winter.

  6. You’re welcome, Anny. :)

  7. Jaye says:

    Gorgeous! I don’t mind this kind of slide show at all.

  8. Penelope says:

    Love the slide show. Welcome home!

  9. Tim Dittmer says:

    Beautiful country out there.

  10. Love all the photo’s…..

  11. Tom Stronach says:

    Cool pics, and those trees, so jealous oh and tell Oscar, jeans for gawds sake, his knees should be kept under wraps xxxxxxx

  12. Definitely a seahorse salad, Steph. Gorgeous creatures.

  13. It is, Tim. Took me 10 years to like it out here, except for Monterey. Loved that place the moment I saw it.

  14. He is wearing jeans, Tom. Or some long pants. That’s somebody else in shorts! Redwoods. Great trees.