A History Uncovered.

My grandmother at 15 - in the middle.

My grandmother at 15 – in the middle.

This last time I visited my parents, I rescued some photos from an old rotting box shoved onto a shelf in their garage.  Above is my grandmother’s family, or most of it.  Her oldest sister was already married and living in Canada by the time this was taken.  Baubi, in the middle with the braids, was fifteen– the youngest and yes, the tallest.  She and her two other sisters were flaming redheads.  Her father and mother, Wolf and Clara, emigrated from a small farm at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania.  They journeyed to the western end of the Union Pacific Railroad and there they stopped and opened a general store.

Baubi's wedding photo - age 17, a flapper wedding.

Baubi’s wedding photo – age 17, a flapper wedding.

Gorgeous wedding photo.  Wish I had that dress.

French great-grandfather with great-grandmother Mary- oh she of unknown origin.

French great-grandfather with great-grandmother Mary- oh she of unknown origin.

My Zaida’s family – above.  My French great-grandfather, seated, with my great-grandmother, Mary, the dark-kinky-haired woman on his left and her half-sister on the right.  I suspect this is a wedding photo.  The bottom corner of the photograph says – Baltimore.  I don’t know much about my great-grandfather.  He ran off when my grandfather was eight years old.  I have no memory of Mary although she was alive for the first year of my life.  I once asked my grandmother, Baubi, where Mary had been born.  Baubi said, “She wasn’t born.  She crawled out from under a rock. She was a mean woman.”  That’s as much as I know of her origins.

Zaida, age 18, jazz clarinetist.

Zaida, age 18, jazz clarinetist.

Zaida, before he met Baubi, after he was released from the Home for Wayward Boys.  He arrested for delinquency at the age of twelve and was sentenced to remain incarcerated for six years.  It was because he ran away repeatedly, hopping freight cars, heading back to Baltimore to try and find his missing father.  The warden took an interest in him, allowed him to attend school with his own children, and taught him music.

Oooh, see if you can find me!  My father and youngest sister are in this one too–

My sister, my father, me.

My sister, my father, me.

Tomorrow – my mother’s family.



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14 Responses to A History Uncovered.

  1. anny cook says:

    What a treasure! Holler if you decide to try to find more info. I’d be delighted to help…

  2. Honestly Anny, we have so few of these photos. Some families save photos. My parents did not.

  3. Old photos are a rare treasure. Keep them safe.

  4. Amber Skyze says:

    Oh I love old photos. They are so rare and a treasure. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. I have some great photos of Don’s family. Very few of mine. These are gold. Your book restoring son will know how to preserve them now.

  6. It’s amazing that some families simply do not value old photos, Steph. I think we’re lucky. We’ve got everything on DVDs, including our old home movies – priceless!

  7. I do too, Amber. Old photos set such a mood. I think it’s the black and white or the brown tint. But I’m a sucker for black and white photographs.

  8. How much fun is this? I love to go through old family photos. My mother found a box of memorabilia for my uncle who was killed in the Korean War. We are getting together to go through it. The wedding dress is wonderful.

  9. Outstanding, Stephanie! My husband is name for his uncle, also in the army, also deceased at a very young age, although it wasn’t in battle. His car was hit by a train. However to the best of my recollection I’ve only seen a single photo of him. And he was handsome! Wow!

  10. Tom Stronach says:

    I’m a great one for taking and keeping photo’s have dozens of albums of my own kids slowly transferring to digital but I don’t have many of my family . Wish I had more of my mom and her mom but to be honest I don’t miss having any of my dad or his side of the family, despised them as a kid and still have a hate filled heart of them today, but there you go……

  11. I have very few of my mother’s family, Tom. She was a surprise baby – her parents were older. Her brothers were 18 and 20 when she was born. Her father died when she was 12.

  12. Sandra Cox says:

    Baubi was a beauty.

  13. Yes, Sandra, I love that dress and the flowers. Gorgeous!