Blogs Deserve Readers.

There’s some wonderful stuff out there.

J.W. Manus usually shares the method to her formatting madness on her blog — Ebooks = Real Books.

Yesterday she asked an excellent question:  What the Heck is a Book Anyway?

“In the evenings, here of late, I’ve been taking my formatting-fried brain over to Wattpad. Browsing, snooping around, skimming stories, seeing what the kids are up to. It’s fascinating, actually. I suggest anyone who writes YA and wants to know what matters most with kids today, spend a few hours on Wattpad. Thousands, maybe millions of young people are pouring their hearts out on the virtual page, using stories as social activities and developing communication skills via the written word.

“It’s a free-wheeling, free-for-all, and I’d say the majority of writers on Wattpad not only don’t know the “rules” of writing, but don’t really give a shit that rules exist. (This appeals to my inner-anarchist.)”

The rest of the article is definitely worth your time.  I’m enjoying Wattpad right along with Jaye.  The site is a barometer of this new generation, as in New Adult.  See what they’re reading and writing.  Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Like Jaye, I believe arbitrary rules are made to be broken, especially when it comes to individual creativity.  I guess I’m a scofflaw.

To satisfy your inner sci fi nerd, check out The Musings and Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard.  His post on Battlestar Galactica is the first I’ve read that does the new BSG justice.



“See, as a lover of storytelling, the idea of breaking down what I consider almost a perfect show feels a little… well… sacrilegious.

“This is writing voodoo, and I almost want to keep the show safe in my heart, not expose it to the world; letting the memory of experiencing it over the course of its run continue to survive as a cherished memory.

“So after struggling over the idea and what to actually say, I decided to set some ground rules for myself. Yeah, I’m going to do something different here, focusing on only three points I want to say about the show. Yet, here is the rub: I am going to attempt to do it without ruining even a minute of it.

“Yup, I’m going to avoid spoilers, plot points, and, to make this even more difficult for myself, I am even going to avoid naming characters.

“Why would I burden myself with such limitations, especially with a show that has been off the air for a few years now? Because this show deserves that kind of respect. Honestly, if you give it a chance it will speak for itself.”

Read the rest here:  Battlestar Galactica:  Humanity’s Show.

In my world the new BSG is the quintessential science fiction series.  So much so I can’t re-watch it as I can episodes of Firefly.  Once was lightning in a bottle.  Can’t be repeated.  And like Scott, I have no interest in prequels or sequels.  Impossible to improve upon perfection.

So go, read, enjoy.  Julia

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15 Responses to Blogs Deserve Readers.

  1. I read a book last fall by a young woman who had originally serialized it on Wattpad. Interesting plot but it had some editing issues.

  2. Tom Stronach says:

    So, BSG is coming back after such a long hiatus, do they pull it off, I think I’ll wait and see….

  3. Jaye says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Julia. I read both blogs. :D

    I’ve never watched BSG. Not even a single episode. Not sure why, timing probably, but you’re making want to pull it up on Hulu.

  4. Katalina Leon says:

    I love BSG, it’s not easy and it doesn’t spell everything out and I like that. I also love listening to Bear McCreary’s haunting BSG soundtracks while I write.

  5. I know, Kat. I love BSG for the same reason. You have to use your brain.

  6. You’re welcome, Jaye. My pleasure. BSG is very very worth it.

  7. I don’t think BSG can come back, Tom. The most recent BSG was the best. The sequels and prequels have been disappointing. Can’t recapture the magic.

  8. Yeah, they have many editing issues, Stephanie, but there’s a certain innocence and purity about those stories that I really like.

  9. anny cook says:

    So much to read, so little time! Thank you for passing on your recs… As for BSG, I watched the original… :-)

  10. I never saw the original, Anny. Yeah, lots of good stuff to read out there.

  11. Sandra Cox says:

    Hmm, I’m behind. I hadn’t heard of Wattpad.

  12. Sandra, Wattpad is great for uploading freebies and gauging the interests of today’s younger readers. It’s very interesting over there.

  13. Casey Wyatt says:

    I loved the new version of BSG!! I watched the original back in the day and the new version blew it out of the water. I didn’t really enjoy Caprica. It was meh so I haven’t bothered with the new – “Adama – in his early years” – at all.

  14. I tried to watch Caprica, Casey – unwatchable. So was the Adama show.

  15. Sandra Cox says:

    I’ll have to check it out.