Final Thoughts.

(So now you know I cuss like a truck driver.  It’s not genetic.  My children don’t cuss at all.)

I’ve always been weird. I was a weird kid– ask my mom.

She called me after she saw the movie, The Sixth Sense. Here’s what she said:

“I realized as I was watching the movie I recognized that child, he was you. I felt like I was watching my own child and I finally understood what you tried to tell me all those years, why you did the things you did. I’m sorry I was so mean. I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

It was a breakthrough in our relationship.

The Sixth Sense got a lot of stuff right. It was pretty hard for me to watch the movie because I lived it. The writer got a few things wrong though. But I guess I’ll leave that for another post.

I’ll say this, if anyone thinks it’s fun or cool to interact with ghosts, it ain’t.  It’s not something I recommend as a lifestyle.

Thus ends one true ghost story. I’d tell you another one but it’s even scarier. Thanks for reading.  Julia

Because you’re asking– Why on earth did you stay?

Here’s a post script:  My husband, who’s been home sick for three days, has been reading the serial. Last night he and I discussed our reasons for staying in the house because in hindsight it seems like such a dumb thing to do.

At the time, while we weren’t poor by any means, we were a young family with limited savings. His job in Utah didn’t begin until mid-October, but he wanted to get us settled in before school started. Although we had a couple offers on the table, we hadn’t yet sold our house in Phoenix. We didn’t have the kind of money that would allow him to be without work for three months, so he stayed with his employer in Phoenix and maintained the house — sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag.

We had borrowed $5000 from his parents to move from Arizona to Utah and we were paying both the rent in Utah and the mortgage on the house in Phoenix. We couldn’t afford to lose our deposit on the rental and be on the hook for six months’ rent – our lease was a one year lease but after six months it became month to month. And we couldn’t afford to move back to Phoenix.

So we stayed. I know, seems crazy, but we stayed. Or I stayed. Things had calmed down by the time he joined us.

Guess there was a method to our madness.

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21 Responses to Final Thoughts.

  1. It’s amazing what you can do at the time because you have to. I’m glad you all made it through.

  2. It’s true, Stephanie. I’m very glad! :P

  3. Yes, there are always practicalities. I’m glad it worked out OK.

  4. Even in Utah, I’d think you could “contest living conditions” and get your deposit back.
    If not, lock the landlord in his own rental for awhile and see how fast he comes around.
    Do your children remember going through this?

    I hope you’ll share your other ghost story sometime soon. You’re a great story teller.

  5. Thanks, Marylin, and nah, couldn’t get out of the lease. We probably would have had to hire a lawyer and prove there was a ghost. I doubt he would have cooperated. :)

  6. Yes, Greta. There are most often practical considerations.

  7. Ray Plasse says:

    I wanna hear (Read) the other story! Please! Please! Please! You spin a great yarn (and also tell a great story)! I promise I won’t tell anyone about it!!!!! :)

  8. Amber Skyze says:

    I can’t imagine living with ghosts that want to communicate all the time. My heart goes out to you. :)

  9. Thanks, Amber. I’m good now. I’ve learned how to put up barriers. When I was a kid it was tough.

  10. Maybe, Ray. I can maybe tell a few more but there is one that bothers me so much it’s hard to talk about it. Don’t want to bring him back around….

  11. Tom Stronach says:

    Ishbel’s loves Sixth Sense I think, if I recall I had a pleasant nap. Glad you got out of there in one piece my sweet.

    Oscar ok, I hope, maybe the wee boys at the ‘fruit bowl’ will cheer him up tonight…. xxxxx

  12. anny cook says:

    We do what we have to do when we have to do it to keep our family together. Fortunately, I’m blessed because I DON’T see ghosts, but I certainly sympathize with those who do. Blessings on you and yours… :-)

  13. Ray Plasse says:

    I totally understand Julia.

  14. True, Anny. I handle it much better now.

  15. Oscar can’t wait, Tom! Should be a fun ‘Harbowl’! Yes I did get out of there in one piece.

  16. sandra cox says:

    You know, I’ve always wondered about that. How could you pack up and leave even if the house was haunted? How many people could afford to do that?

  17. Many decisions in life are financially motivated. It’s real life. Sometimes the decisions we have to make are ones we wish we didn’t have to.

  18. It’s true, Sandra. There is a price to pay either way.

  19. I obviously missed some good stuff. Or some NOT good stuff, as the case may be. I’m late to the party here, so I’m going to take a peek back through your old posts to find out what the heck this ghost story is to which everyone keeps referring! Sounds spooky!

  20. Oh yay, Andi-Roo! Welcome!