Gardening, California-Style.

This past weekend was gorgeous.  We took the opportunity to get the vegetable garden prepped and managed some early planting – peas, Japanese greens, broccoli rabe, shallots, potatoes and herbs.

Sweet Peas in front of potatoes.

Sweet Peas in front of potatoes.

As soon as I can find some onion and garlic sets they’ll go into the ground as well.  Tomatoes, eggplant and chilies will have to wait another month or so.

Broccoli rab, Japanese greens, lots of sunshine.

Broccoli rabe, Japanese greens, lots of sunshine.

I added some violas to my herb beds too.  And picked up a bluebird home.  It’s kinda cute.  I imagine the birds will avoid it, but I like it.  I noticed a pair of bluebirds hanging out in the area I call my jungle, back behind the apple tree.

Bluebird 'outhouse'.

Bluebird ‘outhouse’.

Pretty Violas.

Pretty Violas.

Herbs in a wine barrel.

Herbs in a wine barrel.

Flowering Quince.

Flowering Quince.

As compared to Maine– the view from my son’s apartment window.

Another blizzard in Maine.

Another blizzard in Maine.



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16 Responses to Gardening, California-Style.

  1. anny cook says:

    Oh, the garden looks soooo lovely. I’m purple with envy!

  2. Purple is an excellent color, Anny! :)

  3. Amber Skyze says:

    I’m in purple and pink envy too. My view looks like your sons. I’m ready for pretty flowers and green grass.

  4. Yeah, I had to drive to a shower in South Portland during that one and the wind was effing scary.

  5. Jaye says:

    Julia, love, you are my designated Proxy-Gardener this year. Through you I will experience the joys of warm soil, earthworms and fresh veggies. Do feel free to send all your X-rated produce my way.

  6. I’m having a bad case of garden envy. After four days of warmth and sunshine, we woke up to snow.

  7. I do sorta miss snow, Stephanie, and yet I rarely drive the mere two hours it takes to visit snow. I really should go to the Sierras for a ski weekend.

  8. Yes, Jaye, I will be your proxy gardener. My pleasure! Hope I get more x-rated eggplants!

  9. Looked very nasty, Steph. And unexpected.

  10. You poor New Englanders, Amber. Snow and more snow!

  11. Charlee says:

    Your garden looks so good! I love planting and harvesting, it is the inbetween part that is too much like work.

  12. If I stare at your pictures and pretend I’m looking out the window, I can almost pretend…
    The view from the picture window in my mother’s apartment reveals a picture very much like your picture of Maine. Two days ago it was gorgeous and bright and sunny; today it’s a scene out of Storm of the Century.
    Grow those veggies and give us hope!

  13. Hey Charlee! Now that I have raised beds I’m a happy gardener!

  14. Wow, Marylin – Kansas, right? Must be a lot of blowing snow. I miss those wide open plains!

  15. Tom Stronach says:

    Thank you Julia for once again reminding me what a loser I am in the gardening department xxxxx

  16. You’re not a loser Tom! I have a huge garden area. Gotta put something in it.