Occam’s Razor.

William of Ockham 1288-1348

William of Ockham 1288-1348

Elegant.  From Wikipedia:

Occam’s Razor or Ockham’s Razor is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness used in logic and problem-solving. It states that among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions should be selected.

In other words, the simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation.

I’m using the principle of Occam’s Razor in a new book.  Simple is harder than one might think.  I have to figure out how to kill a guy… and get away with it.  (Remember, imaginary…)

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15 Responses to Occam’s Razor.

  1. Tom Stronach says:

    Awe, c’mon marriage is sharing, so he gave you the little bug that he had and then left you to go back to work, while you are ill, and no doubt you mopped his furrowed brow when he was ill – but dreaming up ways to kill him, that’s taking it a bit far…..

    And anyway, why do you need to think about this, I thought that most wives had that game plan sorted in their heads after the first missed, birthday, anniversary, special occasion????!

  2. Amber Skyze says:

    If I didn’t know how madly in love you are with your hubby, I’d be worried. ;)

  3. Kerry Dwyer says:

    How strange is that.
    I am doing a philosophy course at the moment in my spare time (creases over with laughter). Yesterday I came across Occam’s Razor. We were discussing Knowledge and whether we have any – damn you Descartes – But then someone brought up Occam’s razor and I love this principle. It just makes philo so much easier.
    I have decided that I exist and so does my jumper – I am not a brain in a vat and so I can now get on with other questions like whether Utopia and dystopia can be truly defined in relation to democracy – re Hands -I don’t think so but I might be out numbered.

  4. Gosh – I never even went to the idea of killing your husband. Did he break your Cyclon toaster again?

  5. Casey Wyatt says:

    Did you ever read “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl? I never forgot this short story that I had to read in English class. Back when it was written, it was like the perfect way to murder someone. Of course today, with all the CSI technology, she’d get caught.

  6. anny cook says:

    How about the one who stabbed her fellow with an icicle? It melted, removing the evidence…

  7. Yes, Anny. Or shoot with an ice bullet – but that’s toooooo simple.

  8. I actually never read that, Casey. I should. But the technology used on the shows is inaccurate. And the evil doers are always caught, so who knows? A character still might get away with it.

  9. Yeah, Steph, he broke my Cylon toaster again but no, he’s not the issue. It’s a character. A character I tells ya!

  10. Interesting, Kerry. Yes, Occam’s Razor would postulate our existence. Or at least tell us it’s a waste of time worrying about it. Descartes took a lot of credit for the work of philosophers who came before, however… I do love this – Cogito ergo sum. I think therefore I am. Or as God says in the bible – paraphrasing “I Am.” Or Popeye – “I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam.”

  11. Well, Amber, he did give me his awful virus so I do have reason to be upset. However, it ain’t him. ;)

  12. I did make him some nice chicken soup, Tom. I did. Actually no, I didn’t have a plan… I should have. Thus my character wouldn’t be trying so hard to figure out the perfect murder.

  13. Sometimes talking with you is like talking to my Physicist son. I smile and nod. Occams Razor. LOL

  14. Good philosophy, Stephanie. I am a math-idiot but I do love physics and philosophy.

  15. Sandra Cox says:

    So is it a character, the hubby, or a hubby character.