Photo Essay – Hiking with My Partner in Crime.

Looking back a quarter of the way up.

A quarter of the way up.

Looking forward a third of the way up back int,o the forest.

A third of the way up, heading back into the forest.

Half-way up.

Half-way up. Surrounded by mist.

Crossing the saddle.

In the middle. Crossing the saddle.

Sitting at the summit.

Sitting at the summit.

Descent into Fanghorn.

Descending the other side, into Fanghorn.

Jake heads into Fanghorn.

Jake heads into Fanghorn.

We were the only hikers.  What a perfect day.

Poor Jake has to be on leash – rabbits, squirrels, deer, mountain lions, foxes…





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16 Responses to Photo Essay – Hiking with My Partner in Crime.

  1. anny cook says:

    But he obviously loves being out and about!

  2. What a shame about the leash. He looks a happy boy, regardless.

  3. Amber Skyze says:

    He’s beautiful and looks like he’s enjoying his hike.

  4. What a beautiful place to hike. I can’t wait for spring so I can go walk again. Now, the frigid cold is gone and sloppy mud has taken it’s place.

  5. We have some great places to hike here, Stephanie. This wilderness park is a few blocks from my home. The summit is way above the town. When we moved here nobody hiked there. Now it’s pretty popular with the hiking crowd. Jake and I stick to the lesser known trails.

  6. Yeah Amber, he loves his hikes. Louie could be off leash. He might chase a squirrel but he always came back. Jake keeps going because there is always another squirrel just beyond the next ridge…

  7. He is a very happy boy, Greta.

  8. He does love his wilderness time, Anny.

  9. Katalina Leon says:

    What a privilege to have all that beauty to yourselves. Those oaks are breathtaking.

  10. Jaye says:

    No mystery as to why you can’t resist, even when you SHOULD BE RESTING. Good dog, Jake. I hope he lets you set the pace, at least.

  11. It is, Kat. My favorite kind of day. Some of the biggest oaks in the county are in this particular forest.

  12. Can’t move today, Jaye. This is from Monday – the day I woke up with a sore throat. Figured I better get up there quick!

  13. Tom Stronach says:

    Catching up at 1.46 AM on Sunday Morning with my hiatus hernia and the baby monitor Got Lacey Mae as Jen, Steve and Molls and Shannon went up to Birmingham to a concert, Lucy Ora or Orca or something, I’m sure she isn’t. Killer whale at all but who knows….

    anyway, Jake looks in fine form, you should teach him how to use the camera, and where’s the Sunshine in California?

  14. Tom Stronach says:

    Oh, and can you sort out the tweet button that is missing from your page when opened on the iPad it’s getting on me …….

  15. I love your adventures with Jake. The pictures in this post are wonderful!

  16. Sandra Cox says:

    Looks like a perfect day and that Jake enjoyed even with the restrictions.