Change is Coming Here.

Change is good.

It’s time for a change.

Have I mentioned… change?

As Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman) says:  The times they are a-changin’.

Well, time to revamp the old blog, be a little more structured, a little less free form.

Here’s what I’m thinking~

1.  Monday Morning Updates – news, links, books I’m reading, movies I’ve seen, interesting weekend activities, plans for the coming week.  Might be a discussion about science fiction, fantasy, my latest Indie Writer discovery or an old favorite.

2.  Tuesday Treats – some kind of deliciousness.  Could be pics of food, a recipe or two, a health tip, maybe even a restaurant review.  (Snark-Snark.)

3.  Wicked Wednesday – a suggestive or sensual scene from one of my books or one of your books.  Maybe from one of my works in progress.  Or I might just quote my sexy husband because he comes up with some doozies.

4.  Thursdays with Jake – hiking with my Jakie-boy.  Birds, balloons, assorted wildlife and crazy tourist sightings.

5.  Fun Friday – anything goes.  Friday will be my free-for-all.

In the meantime I’ll be helping out with calving in Montana – feeding orphaned babies, tagging, chasing mama cows, getting chased by mama cows, pulling babies out– hopefully that’s the worst I’ll have to do.

This is me 2 years ago feeding a baby in sub-zero temps – wearing layer upon layer upon layer.

She was the cutest little calf!

She was the cutest little calf!

On April 6th I’m hosting Indie Writer A.D. Starrling and I have a few projects in the works with J.W. Manus re:  Why Science Fiction is the coolest genre ever.

Laters loves!


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10 Responses to Change is Coming Here.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Looking forward to the changes…not that I don’t already enjoy your blogs. :)

  2. Penelope says:

    I approve! It sounds fun and extremely well-organized. :)

    Have a great time in Montana!

  3. Katalina Leon says:

    Have fun with the changes. That little black calf is adorable!

  4. Hi Julia, I’ll be looking forward to the new format. I hope it goes well for you! :)

  5. Love the calf although feeding one means it’s mama didn’t make it or didn’t take it. They are so cute though. Looking forward to the changes.

  6. Sounds like a plan. A good plan, actually, if the everyday pace works for you.
    I kind of like the off-in-Montana-caring-for-orphan-calves focus, the doing what comes up and has to be done, the to-hell with what has to be written at that moment.

    You’re very talented and very smart, Julia. Whatever you choose to do will be great.

  7. Sandra Cox says:

    Have fun, fun, fun.
    Cute pic.

  8. Thanks all! It was wonderful!

  9. Hi Stephanie – only one orphan calf this year – so lucky. But there are still almost 180 cows left to calve. The hard part is the drought. They may have to sell off most of their stock.