Wicked Wednesday – A Space Opera!

It’s a damn good thing I have a bunch of books out there because I’m getting NO work done.  I am, however, getting sick again which pisses the hell outta me.

On the bright side, the second volume of my Space Opera, Daughters Of Persephone– Exile – is free on Amazon for the rest of the week.  See here.


A wicked excerpt:

Ennat reached over and closed Karna’s open mouth.

“By a gack’s shit, is that how all you women fly?”

“Of course.” Ennat grinned at him. “You’ve never flown with a Woman of the Blood. You must try it.”

“I’ve heard stories of my gran, but I didn’t believe them. I thought my father was simply telling tales.”

“Your gran?” Ennat’s eyes opened wide. “That was what Kyr meant? She was a pilot?”

“Yes. She flew the route between Calen and Matsu.”

Ennat closed her eyes. “How did I miss it?”

“Miss what?”

“Your smell. I should have smelled it. You are of the Blood. Why didn’t I know this?”

Karna laughed. “I should hope I don’t smell like you. You smell far too pretty.”

“Karna, I’m not teasing. Only a Woman of the Blood can fly between Calen and Matsu through the Tionay Nebula. That’s the route she took, isn’t it?”

“So says my da.”

“Let’s test it,” said Ennat. She reached for Karna’s hand. “Fly with me and we’ll see if you’re of the Blood. Let’s take the Glory to the repair station. I’ll pilot.”

“You’ll pilot?”

“Of course. You saw Aja take off in that tiny craft. You watched her flash right above our heads. Exactly who do you think trained with whom? Your brother seems to have no problem with her, with the way we fly.”

Karna considered her words for a moment. He wasn’t so certain his stomach would hold up under those turns. He had no desire to appear less than a man in front of his woman. Davi Fedd had described at length how sick he’d been with Aja at the controls.

“All right, just let me settle—”

“It’s all settled, they’re all settled. They’ll be leaving to gather their troops. Arms shipments won’t arrive until tomorrow. Let’s have a bit of fun together.”

Karna raised an eyebrow. “What we do in my bunk isn’t enough fun for you?”

Ennat laughed. “Oh yes, that is most very fun. But I haven’t flown in weeks and I love it. It’s so thrilling, so exhilarating. Please? Please, Karna, fly with me.”

“Now you sound like a woman begging for a new gown.”

“Hah. As if a gown matters to me. I’d rather be dressed like you. Your weave is far more comfortable than this clothing. I hate formal garb. I find it so restrictive.”

Karna dragged her against him. “Restrictive? I like the way it restricts certain parts of your anatomy. But I must say, I didn’t notice you putting on any undergarments. All I need do is lift up that skirt…”

“Stop trying to distract me.”

“But it’s working, isn’t it?”

Karna stared at her exposed cleavage. He watched as Ennat’s breathing became ragged and she shoved her breasts forward, giving him a more pronounced view.

He led her to his quarters wondering what is this thing that happens between a man and a woman of the Blood? This overwhelming desire, this lust that seems to increase even more once you’ve shared the Blood?

All Karna had to do was look at Ennat in a certain way and he knew he could make her tremble with desire for him. He was certain this warrior woman had never felt this kind of weakness in all her born days. Despite his own weakness where she was concerned, he’d never felt more of a man.

When they reached his cabin, Karna kicked the door shut behind them. His nostrils flared with raw desire.

“I can smell your heat,” he said, blunt as ever. “Gods, it smells like you’re on fire for me.”

Ennat didn’t protest when his big hands lifted her skirt and his palms slid upward along the inside of her thighs. Ennat sagged in his arms.

“Stand up, woman. Don’t you dare fall.”

Ennat began to whimper, and Karna knew he had her. She was trapped by her own desire for him exactly as he’d been caught by her the moment he’d seen her, sword raised, drenched in sweat, eyes on fire when she challenged him to fight her.

“You may be able to best me with a sword or a knife, you may be the better pilot, but woman, you belong to me. Never forget it. And remember…” He laid his lips against her ear. “Always leave off the undergarments.”

“Bloody male chauvinist.”

“Yes I am.” Karna was unrepentant. “And that’s why you love me. You may be able to slice me six ways to Solsday on the battlefield, but…” He pressed his erection against her. “Only I can do this to you.”

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20 Responses to Wicked Wednesday – A Space Opera!

  1. Sandra Cox says:

    Dang, I hate to hear that you’re feeling poorly again. Are you taking your Vit C and getting plenty of rest?
    Love the cover. Great excerpt.

  2. Thanks, Sandra. Actually not feeling too bad tonight – which makes me nervous! I started taking high doses of Vitamin C and Bromelain yesterday. Rest? Who needs rest? ;)

  3. Amber Skyze says:

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Yeah, stop this getting sick crap. Just say ‘No’ to germs. ;-|

  5. Jaye says:

    I am circulating a petition forbidding Julia Rachel Barrett from getting sick.

    p.s. Sell lots of books!

  6. Katalina Leon says:

    That book cover is lovely! I hope you stay well, it sounds like you might.

  7. AD Starrling says:

    Feel better soon. And, seriously, you stopped the excerpt THERE?!!! Gah! Cliffhanger or what?!!!

  8. I’m getting behind on my reading. This sounds great. I need more reading time. Hope you’re feeling better. Take care.

  9. anny cook says:

    Oh, wonderful excerpt! No, no, no sickies. Time to get better–now! B)

  10. I actually think I’m feeling better today, Anny. If I can avoid a fever…

  11. Thanks, Stephanie!

  12. Thanks, AD. And LOL! ;)

  13. Thank you Jaye. I need that petition. You would not believe the various supplements I’m taking!

  14. Yeah, Steph. I need a tee-shirt with that logo.

  15. Thanks, Amber. I seem better today. Hope it stays that way.

  16. Good luck with the health, mate. And the book :)

  17. Tom Stronach says:

    Oh Jules, you are a naughty one

    Get well soon my sweet xxxxxxx

  18. I am, Tom. That I am.