Wicked Wednesday – My Red-Headed Stepchild, One Four All.

jrb-ofa3That’s my hand and arm and my tattoo on Lira Pakan, my intrepid heroine. This story is… ahem… Science Fiction Romance.

From Penny Watson (OMG she makes me laugh) at her site, Penelope’s Romance Reviews:  Orgie Porgie Puddin’ and Pie

“Every once in a while, Julia Rachel Barrett will make a comment about her “menage” book and giggle. That’s right. She’s actually incapable of discussing this book without laughing. I kept hearing about the “menage” book, and I incorrectly concluded it was a “menage a trois” which, for those of you not familiar with the French language, is a “threesome.” So, I decided to read this giggly threesome, One Four All. The heroine is Lira, a totally kick-ass royal from another planet. And her “good buddies” (French for “good buddies”) are Cer, Redda, and Kepp. Wait a minute. Cer, Redda and Kepp. That’s three good buddies. Let’s do the math…

3 good buddies + 1 heroine = 4!

“OH MY GOD! This isn’t a menage a trois! This is a foursome! Julia wrote an orgy book! (The title One Four All should have been a dead give-away, but I guess I’m a bit dense.)

“I tormented Julia for several days with the fact that she did indeed write an orgy book. However, I wasn’t giggling while I read it. I was sweating! This book is hot! It is also extremely well-written, has a cool sci fi storyline, a very believable 4-some going on–dealing with feelings of possessiveness, lust and love–and a satisfying ending. It’s one of the best written multi-partner (a.k.a., orgy) books I’ve read. Nevertheless, I shall continue to torment Julia. Coz it’s fun!”

Lira Pakan, heir to the Throne of Zhinshu, has vanished. Her zealots gather along the border with the neighboring state of Khubuk, awaiting the outcome of her father’s pleas to the World Court.

Captain Tanner Kepp serves in the elite Special Forces of Khubuk. When the captain is ordered to choose two men to accompany him to Land’s End, an isolated compound on the maritime border between Khubuk and Zinshu, the last thing he expects to find is the missing princess.Captain Kepp, Arms Master Cer Watso and Sergeant Redda Till realize they must rescue her and avert all out war.

The princess, however, has other plans. These men can be more than her rescuers. According to the law of Zhinshu, she must choose three men as consorts. Her people say: “one to guard the right hand, one to guard the left hand, and one to guard the back, always.”

You all don’t get an excerpt.  I’ll start giggling.  Go read it for yourself.  One Four All is available:





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11 Responses to Wicked Wednesday – My Red-Headed Stepchild, One Four All.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Yes, this one is a HAWT story. :)

  2. anny cook says:

    Ahhhh, the menage. Wonderful fun. Roll on, Julia!

  3. Anny – still giggling!

  4. Oh my gosh, Julia wrote one of “those” books. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Off to Amazon. :)

  5. Penelope says:

    This is one of the few “menage” books I’ve read that has a real story, interesting characters, and a plot, in addition to the erotic scenes. I really liked it, even the sexy times! *giggle*

  6. You taught me French, Penny – “Good buddies” = “Good buddies!” Sorry – your review makes me giggle as much as the book. ;)

  7. Yes, Steph, I did indeedily dooo. Hiding head in shame…

  8. anny cook says:

    No shame if a good time was had by all…especially the readers.