Question of the Day…

What do you do when your bird lays eggs?

Little parrot eggs.

Little parrot eggs.

No, she doesn’t have a husband.

This is the second time Tibby has laid eggs.  The first time was 2-3 years ago and she laid seven eggs.  Gaaaaaa!  She kept on laying because I kept on removing the eggs.  This time she’s laid three eggs.  She accidentally smashed the first one so I did remove that, but I’m letting her sit on the other two eggs.  I don’t know what else to do.  She pulls a little felt toy along the bottom of the cage, smushes it down onto the towel I placed there, and rolls the eggs onto it.  Then she fluffs her feathers and sits on top of everything.  Oh boy.  I don’t know how long it will take her to lose interest.

Tibby sitting on her toy and her eggs.

Tibby sitting on her toy and her eggs.

In the meantime she’s not eating much at all.  I hope she’ll be okay.  Who knew egg laying was so difficult?  Outside birds seem to manage without our interference.

So listen up–  Wait… What was I about to say?

Sorry.  I am still such a zombie.  Reading The Conqueror series by Conn Iggulden, which is damn good.  Daaaaaamn good!  Thanks to Tom Stronach for the rec.  I had to order all five books from England but they are so worth it.  I devoured Wolf of the Plains and Lords of the Bow in record time and now I’m into Bones of the Hills.  If you read one series this year – pick this series.

Wolf of the Plains

Haven’t worked on anything – I promise I will get to at least one of my works of fiction eventually.  Just when you think you’ll have time to write fantasy, real life intervenes.  Ain’t it the truth.

My thoughts are with my dear friend, J.W. Manus, who has been evacced due to fires in Colorado and our good bud, Tom Stronach, who is ready to thump a few heads in his thwarted quest for necessary surgery.

My dad got better.  My son in law is improving.  My dog is in the car because he’s bored and wants to go for a ride.  Also he’s getting freaked out by our travel schedule.  Jake has developed a bad case of suitcase-itis.  I drove ‘Oscar’ to the airport yesterday so he could help another one of our kids make a school-related move.  Seems as if he and I are two ships passing in the night.  One barely arrives home and the other leaves.  That was pretty much our spring and that’s pretty much how the rest of our summer looks.

When he returns, I may head back up to Montana.  The end of July I travel to Boston and from there catch a train and a bus to Maine to help the third kid move back to California.  As soon as I get home, ‘Oscar’ heads off to Minnesota to visit family and goes on to Ohio for a wedding.  When he gets home I head to Los Angeles for a wedding reception.  This is getting freaky — I’m worried Jake will develop a case of permanent suitcase-itis and the bird will still be sitting on eggs come September.

He's got it baaaaaad.

He’s got it baaaaaad.

Next week, regular schedule… I hope.


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17 Responses to Question of the Day…

  1. Tom Stronach says:

    Poor parrot, hope she gets back on her perch soon, but that seems to be the theme for all of us at the moment, where our life perches have become somewhat wobbly making life seem out of control…..

    Here’s hoping Jaye gets back to her home with the family and it survives the fires.

    You and Oscar need to get some quality time together and with poor Jake too you all need to take some ‘me’ time with each other

    Me, I’ll be fine and I am really glad that you enjoyed Conn Iggulden I thought it was a great series


  2. Amber Skyze says:

    My heart goes out to J.W. and pray her family and house survives.

    Our dogs get upset as soon as they see a suitcase and follow me around more than they already do. If that’s even possible. ;)

    Hey let’s do lunch or coffee or something when you fly into Boston.

  3. If I’m there long enough, Amber— I’d love it! Oh my poor doggie! He’s as disoriented as I am. I hope Jaye gets back to her house soon, but the fire is growing today.

  4. It’s an amazing series, Tom. One of those can’t stop reading series. Although I must admit Genghis is ruthless. And very good at warfare. I’ll tell my bird to get up off the floor and eat!

  5. Tom Stronach says:

    yes, and if he hadn’t died when he did, history may well have been different for all of us …..

  6. Jaye says:

    Thanks for the good wishes, Julia and Tom and Amber. It is looking very likely that my neighborhood is going to survive intact. Fire fighters are my new heroes. They are doing an incredible job.

    Tom, stay cranky and get well.

  7. Might have been quite interesting, Tom. We’d all be drinking salted tea and eating really gross buried mutton. :)

  8. Glad you’re all right, Jaye. Fingers crossed that your neighborhood survives intact. Love you!

  9. anny cook says:

    Best wishes to Jaye, Tom, Julia, Oscar, Birdie and Jake. Yep, traveling is toughest on the animals whether they stay home or travel with you. Our summer sounds much the same as yours Julia although ours is mostly centered around various court dates with our daughter. Strange how you spend more time taking care of your kids after they leave home, eh? Blessings…

  10. Anny… truer words were never spoke!

  11. Tom Stronach says:

    Thanks Jaye and Anny

    Hot mutton pies are a delicacy in Scotland especially when you bite the top crust of which goes round it like a castle rampart and then squish it into a soft roll smothered in butter and slather on some sauce and then you bite into it and get all that wonderful fat from the butter and the pie, oh heaven ah well those were the days

  12. Oh, I know Tom – but I don’t think I could eat that mutton that’s been buried for six months to rot. Not my kind of delicacy. The mutton pie sounds wonderful!!!

  13. “Our life perches have become somewhat wobbly” Oh, Tom, this is my new motto for this year. It sums up 2013 so far.
    Glad to hear Jaye’s situation is looking better, and Julia, take care of yourself while you’re taking care of everyone else.

  14. Roberta says:

    Female parrots – well at least parakeets – lay eggs even if there is not a male any where near her cage. It is like their monthy period.

    At least that is what I believed when had a female parakeet years ago. She only lived 5 years……and all my other parakeets, all male, lived long lives… 13 before I had to have him euthanized. Hardest and easiest decision I ever had to make. Still miss him and keep picture on my computer desk. When I get stressed I look at him and instant joy.

  15. Yes, we discovered this when she laid eggs a few years ago, Roberta. Out of the blue! Last time she had no interest in sitting on them. This time that’s all she wants to do. I’ll remove them in a week and see how it goes. Sorry about your parakeet. I had a male when I was a kid who talked a blue streak. Great bird.

  16. Ray Plasse says:

    MAN!!! I’m fuckin exhausted from reading this blog! (((O))^((O))) Hope things get better and easier soon.

  17. LOL Ray! Finally slept last night. Felt damn good!