Bitchin’ is a powerful word.  It has two diametrically opposed definitions.

According to the Urban Dictionary

Bitchin’:  good, fuckin’ great, awesome, bad-ass fine.

Bitchin’:  whinging, whining, complaining.

I think self-publishing is bitchin’.  It’s wicked cool to have control over my creations from start to finish.

I feel like bitchin’ about the fact that I have zero control over four of my books.  Gotta hold out for another couple years.

And when I’m in such a bitchin’ mood, nothing lifts me higher than listening to the amazing Linda Ronstadt sing Willin’ by Lowell George of Little Feat.  Linda Ronstadt can’t sing anymore.  She recently announced that she suffers from Parkinson’s Disease.  Knowing she will never sing again puts things in perspective and makes me quit my bitchin’ ways.


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11 Responses to Bitchin’.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    It’s sad about Linda. Such a bitchin’ voice. ;)

  2. Jaye says:

    Like I tell my kids, focus on what’s in front of you and stop worrying about what isn’t.

    Love the Linda.

  3. Yes, indeed Amber. Beautiful voice.

  4. Sandra Cox says:

    Linda R.’s music is classic. I love Blue Bayou. I wish her all the best with her current challenges.

  5. Katalina Leon says:

    Linda Ronstadt is so deeply engrained in my youth. Her songs and (once) powerful voice carries a lot of memories.

  6. Oh Sandra and Kat – Linda Ronstadt had my all time favorite voice. So beautiful.

  7. Roberta says:

    Yes, I heard abut Linda on the radio the other day. So sad. She was/is one of my fave singers.

    And she was knock down dead gorgeous too. A beautiful soul.

  8. I agree Roberta. An amazing voice. Tragic.

  9. Tim Dittmer says:

    All the guys I ran across from California (back in the day) would use “bitchin’,” as a positive. I had a one-word vocabulary at the time.

    Linda sang to me every night, on the way home from the bucket factory — You’re No Good.

  10. Another great song, Tim. Maybe she didn’t write her own music but she could sure sing.