If it weren’t for you (Penny) I’d be in jail (Penny) right now (Penny).

You know how sometimes you just want to kill someone, or at least wring his neck?

I’ve tried my damnedest to to take up drinking and smoking as a solution over the past couple weeks.  The problem is I don’t much care for drinking or smoking.

Whiskey of choice.

Whiskey of choice.

Well, thank god for people like (Penny) and Jaye and Lawrence Block who managed to talk some sense into me.

(Penny) kept me from doing something stoooooopid.

Jaye kept me grounded with her normalcy.

Lawrence made me laugh and helped me put things in perspective.

A little crazy is perfectly fine.  Wanting to go all serial killer on someone’s ass is not.

And of course getting multi-spammed by Slut Search In Your Area didn’t hurt.  You read that right… didn’t hurt.  Because at least I’m not listed on Slut Search In Your Area.  I know, I checked.

Plus I ate a good grilled cheese sandwich and some fried pickles. Not that I plan to make a habit of fried homemade pickle slices but I wanted to try them once at Norman Rose Tavern.

Fried pickle spears

Fried pickle spears

When I was a teenager the gang, of which I was a marginal member, hung out at King’s.  Of course I never had much money so I ordered (off the menu) fried hamburger pickle chips for $.05.  Can you believe it?  A small plate of fried hamburger pickle chips for a mere $.05. with ketchup.  (Tom)

I know it seems silly to go to a nice restaurant and order a grilled cheese sandwich, but sometimes that’s what’s required.

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20 Responses to If it weren’t for you (Penny) I’d be in jail (Penny) right now (Penny).

  1. Jaye says:

    Time and a good grilled cheese sandwich (must try some fried pickles) are usually a good cure for a bad impulse. Hang in there, kid. In fifty or sixty years, you can look back on all this and laugh (or not cry, anyway).

  2. anny cook says:

    I say whatever it takes to get through… Pickles and grilled cheese sounds pretty good to me!

  3. Ray Plasse says:

    I’m glad things are getting better! Now maybe I can go back to being my nonsensical slightly amusing self. :)

  4. Ray… LMAO! Thank god! Don’t know what I’d do without your snarky nonsensical slightly amusing self.

  5. Yes, Jaye. One day. Don’t get into these funks often, but when I do, watch out! I was ready to clock someone with my biggest book – not my bible, but bible-related. A three volume set — A Marginal Jew by John P. Meier.

  6. Tim Dittmer says:

    I think fried pickles would go well with whiskey, and a smoke afterward would top it off nicely.

  7. I think so, Tim. If I only liked to smoke and drink!!! ;)

  8. Sounds like things are looking up. We’re just back home from my 35th HS reunion experience so a little crazed. S

  9. Sandra Cox says:

    Are you okay, pal?

  10. Roberta says:

    An Oooeie Gooie grilled cheese sandwich is always a must cheer me up sandwich!

    Glad you are feeling better.

  11. Hope you had fun, Steph. How was it? I’ve never been to a high school reunion.

  12. Doin’ better, Sandra. I don’t stay down for long. :)

  13. Yes, Roberta, a grilled cheese sandwich is pure comfort. Thanks!

  14. Penelope says:

    Penny is the captain of your fan club, Mz. Julia! I won’t let you kill anyone on my watch. And if you do, I will be your roomie in jail.

    Forget about the drinking and smoking. Try looking at cute puppy pics…



  15. Penny – awwwwwwwwwwwww! Makes me happy!

  16. Aw, sweetie. I wish I could make things better for you. Hang in there. If you’d gone all crazy on us, I’d have visited you in jail. Glad things are better.

  17. Oooh, Stephanie – maybe they’d let us have a sleep over! Hey look here– Bushwacker: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Bucking-bull-Bushwacker-at-the-top-of-his-field-4891347.php%C2%A0dad

  18. Amber Skyze says:

    Whatever it takes! I’m glad you have great friends to help you through.

  19. We do, Amber – you and I! Our writer friends are amazing.