Monday Monday…

What did I do this weekend? Apparently I spent a way too much time clenching my teeth because my TMJ, which I haven’t felt in years, really flared up. I think I was channeling Sheldon Cooper–

Yeah, that's me...

Yeah, that’s me…

Okay, all the news that’s fit to print! Speaking of print…

Come Back To Me and One Foot In Heaven, Journey of a Hospice Nurse, will literally be out in print this week.  If, (big if), I can get the books uploaded to Createspace without, in addition to turning my face into a frozen mask, going bald due to hair-tearing. I’ll keep you apprised of my progress.

I made terrific progress on my YA over the weekend (which is not really YA but I have no idea how to classify it other than to call it YA). Working title? Caleb Wiseman. It’s another one of them dream-inspired stories like Captured and My Everything.

Speaking of dreams– mine have been really weird and vivid. Dreams of catastrophes, talking horses, birds in my kitchen, dead relatives. Tom Stronach got a cameo in one.

Oh! I’m working on a cookbook. This is gonna take some time, maybe a lifetime. Who knows?

In the meantime I’m sending you to several thought-provoking blog posts.

Is it Me? Tom Stronach Lunch on the Thames.

Grace Beyond Grace- Unstoppable Souls.

The Best Chapter- Give Mourning Time Time.



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6 Responses to Monday Monday…

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    I have very vivid dreams. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. :)

  2. Sandra Cox says:

    Wow! You’re busy. Love that you are doing a cook book. And I like the talking horses dream. I know you’ll be surprised to hear I often times dreamed of talking kittens.

  3. I know you do, Amber. I agree – they can be quite disturbing!

  4. Yes, busy busy, Sandra. A mixed bag. Of course you dream of cats!!! ;)

  5. Jaye says:

    You’ll do fine with CS. Don’t forget some people are awaiting their signed copies for the shelf of HONOR.


  6. Ran into a snafoo, Jaye. Everything is on hold for the moment…