So You Think You Want A German Shepherd Dog Like Jake…

My husband and I were hiking this morning, discussing how much time we both devote to our dog– by necessity.  You know, the woman who bought Jake’s full brother gave him up after nine months.  She couldn’t take it anymore.
At least two or three times a week someone stops me expressing gushing admiration for our beautiful German Shepherd dog and asking where they can get one just like him. We have decided these people should take a quick quiz to see if they are really ready for a dog like Jake.
Get out that pen and paper and take this test.  Scoring:  1-strongly disagree, 2-disagree, 3-maybe, 4- agree, 5-strongly agree.
1. Are there at least two people at home prepared to dedicate their lives to keeping a dog happy? (1-5)
2. Do you enjoy working 10 hour days, arriving home and immediately going out for a 90 minute hike…year-round…in the dark/rain/mud/sleet/snow/wind even when you’re sick and after you’ve already hiked for an hour first thing in the morning? (1-5).
3. Do you sometimes complain that triathalons are not challenging enough? (1-5)
4. Do you not care if your beautiful backyard lawn is turned into a patchwork quilt of brown pee spots? (1-5)
5. Do you not take it personally when some people, upon spotting your dog, immediately freeze in abject panic? (1-5)
6. Do you enjoy chasing your off leash dog as he pursues wildlife into the next county? (1-5)
7. Is your idea of a good time thinking up clever games for your dog to play and then playing those games 3 hours per day, every day? (1-5)
8. Are you OK with blocking off half your house so when the front doorbell rings you have to walk twice as far to answer it? (1-5)
9. Are your neighbors OK with routine raccoon clearance operations carried out at 4AM involving lots of running around and barking? (1-5)
10. Are you OK with waiting to pack for a trip until the very last minute because even looking at a suitcase sends your dog into a catatonic depression? (1-5)
Add up your score:
(30-50) Go for it!
(20-30) Proceed with caution.
(0-20)  No fucking way
All credit for the test to my better half, Oscar.  I merely edited and formatted.
Still the playinator.

Still the playinator.

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11 Responses to So You Think You Want A German Shepherd Dog Like Jake…

  1. Yes, they can be very hard work. But we used to have stickers on our cars “Love is a German Shepherd”. And that’s the other side of the coin.

  2. Amber Skyze says:

    LOL I’m sorry, but that sounds like our Golden. I never realized how energized they really are. :)

  3. Tom Stronach says:

    My only comment is on No 6 WTF was he doing off the leash in the first place, sheesh talk about irresponsible dog owners I’d phone Napa city council and report you if I only thought I’d get more than a ‘Thanks for calling’ out of them, sheesh

    xxxxxx you know I Lurvs ya, really xxxxxx

  4. Jaye says:

    My lounge hounds are perfect for me, content to hang out and take up sofa space. Of course, they are elderly now and not nearly as demanding as they used to be. As much as I admire GSDs (and working breeds such as collies and cattle dogs) they are too much dog for me. I do wish more people would do their research before getting a dog. Personalities really do have to mesh, as do energy levels.

  5. Hi Jaye. Working breeds can be insanely energetic. Jake falls into the insane group. Louie, his predecessor, not quite so much. He developed this Buddha-like personality after age 2.
    Fortunately for Jake I bought him. I swear if I hadn’t he’d have gone from foster home to foster home. He has such a surplus of energy!
    Yes, one must consider what one is getting when one is considering a GSD.

  6. Yeah, well, Tom, my bad! I figured since he was hiking with his well-behaved friend he’d stay with her- ha! No such luck! He took off after deer and she took off with him. Getting him back was insane. He’s such an awful influence on other good dogs.
    A loose dog? The authorities would be on that like white on rice. There’s nothing they like less than a loose dog. A mountain lion? Another story altogether. They don’t care.

  7. I can sympathize, Amber. We had a golden and I thought I might die those first four years. If you can survive the first four years it might be okay.

  8. Oh Greta, love is a German shepherd. I can’t go back to any other breed.

  9. anny cook says:

    And your last comment says it all. Love covers the rest. :D

  10. Roberta says:

    I love dogs. But don’t want all of the responsibility. Prefer teeny-tiny balls of fluff named Sparky the Parakeet.

  11. I have a parakeet and a parrot as well, Roberta. And a cat. Used to have koi until a kingfisher ate them. The food chain! Our parakeet and parrot are best buds. They love each other.